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  • menopause


    Just thought I would share this.

    For a bit of history I had a hysto 10 years ago due to andomyosis.

    I have never done well with hormones, never could take B.C. of any sorts.

    A month or so ago my Dr. wanted me to try vaginal estrogen, he felt this would help my bladder some and I should be able to tolerate it as it stays local.

    After this it got me thinking that maybe some of my symptoms were from pre meno or meno etc.

    He said he would do the test, but felt I was a bit young to worry about it, but it would give us a base line level.

    Much to his and my surprise I got my results yesterday, I have no estrogen and the FSH number was up, both indicating I am through menoe pause, all with no symptoms that I know of specific to meno pause.

    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.

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    hot flashes I had while in menopause thank goodness the hormone pills I take help that plus I use the vaginal cream (premerin)
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      That's great, Mothergoose!!! I wish we could all sail into menopause symptom-free. Unfortunately, I didn't.


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        Estrogen as an IC Treatment

        Dear Mothergoose -

        I started taking oral estrogen (estradiol) at the age of 47. It was my theory that I had an estrogen deficiency that was causing my IC symptoms (which started at 47). I had a cysto-hydro that confirmed I had IC. However, I don't think I ever did. One can look like they have IC when their bladder is dried out from low estrogen. My gyno was very receptive to having me try it. When I was 51, I had a total hysterecomy and had to increase my oral estrogen. At age 60, I had to add vaginal estrogen (estradiol), as I needed more. Unfortunately, I could not use is vaginally cause it caused pain, so I use compounded estriol cream (another type of estrogen) and rub it on my abdomen 2 x per week in addition to my oral estradiol. Estriol is suppose to have less negative effects on the breast. I have had no bladder issues since going on the estrogen at 47, as long as my estrogen levels were good.

        I think you will find that you feel a hell of a lot better after going on the estrogen, since you have none. Don't be afraid to talk with your doctor about getting on the right dose. It sometimes takes some adjustments. I knew from almost the first dose that it was helping me. It took about 6 weeks for my bladder to clear up completely. I, too, was not able to take birth control pills; however, the dose of estrogen is much higher in the BCPs.

        Good luck and let us know what happens.

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          Nancy thanks for the insight but I have already discussed all this with my Dr.

          1st I have IC since my teens at least if not earlier.

          2. I have never been able to tolerate any hormone in any form or dosage, reconfirmed this by trying vaginal estrogen for one night and got the worse flare I have had in years that put me in bed for a week, also gave me a vv flare and I was raw burnt from pillar to post and month later it has just cleared up. Then increased my retention issues for another couple of weeks till I went into total retention and and had to go to the ER.

          3. My Dr. and I are in the belief I am better off not trying any hormones again, no matter what the benefit might be the cost to me is too great.

          4. My IC is well under control with diet and some meds, my main issue now is the retention, and the literature says estrogen can help with the bladder and urethra it doesn't say it can help with retention.

          I spent from 5 pm Thurs afternoon ( this was after seeing my Dr. in the morning and saying the retention seemed to be pretty good since the total halt), till 4 pm yesterday Friday in total retention again, but this time I had not drank as much water so I could stand the pain of my bladder not being able to empty, so my Dr. told me to try taking my pain meds, Vaginal Valium, heat and relax and see what happens and to call him if i needed him and or if the pain got to bad or I got to full. Go into the ER and he would meet me there, but around 4 pm when I pretty much had to decided if I was going to the ER or not I started to pee, after a bit I had peed enough to go out to Friends for dinner last night.

          I really enjoyed the night out, we had a nice dinner there were about 11 of us, it was nice to catch up as I feel I have been out of the loop for a month now. Desert came, I don't usually eat desert, I don't eat sugar or simple carbs, due to blood sugar issues, but I thought last night I would just have a bit, something I never do, there were lots of options to choose from and they all looked good, there was a pie which had a graham wafer crust, a layer of pudding, i purposely asked what all was in it, they are good friends and used to me asking about everything before eating it, I have lots of allergies too. She rattled off all what was in it and I decided it would be my best choice I would have a small piece (I am not sure why I caved into this temptation as I am not usually tempted at all, but I have been sick with one thing or another all month so maybe i just felt I deserved it or something anyways a week moment) as soon as I bit into it I knew I was in trouble they had neglected to tell me it had lemon and bananas in it. The lemon I was pretty sure I could deal with but bananas are a no no for me, I asked if was bananas in it and then she said yes, I could tell she felt bad, I ate it anyways, it only had a few bananas in it.

          Well to say the least I should have quietly pushed it onto my husbands plate. My bladder didn't burn but it must be in spasms as I have not been peeing more than a dribble at a time since. I could just kick myself, and then kick myself again. I know better.

          To top it off we were out late for me, it was midnight before I got to bed and then didn't sleep well with the feeling of needing to pee and can't. All the men were playing pool, and my husband has been working so much lately that he doesn't get any time to just relax with friends or relax at all, I didn't have the heart to make him take me home, so I sit here today and suffer on my own with a million things that need to be done outside.

          Who well I guess this got long winded and a bit of poor me syndrome, but I know better especially since I had been having problems earlier in the day.

          Oh well life goes on. MG
          My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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            Dear Mothergoose -

            Wow, I guess you do have problems with hormones. I didn't realize that you had retention symptoms and that you have had problems with IC since your teens. Good luck to you with your IC.



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              Thanks MG
              My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.