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1 tube of Estrace (42.5 gm) $111.00??

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  • 1 tube of Estrace (42.5 gm) $111.00??

    That's with my Medco plan. Doesn't it seem like a lot?

    Its supposed to be a 3 month supply (1 gm 3x wk) and it barely makes it to those last few doses!

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    Originally posted by izazen View Post
    That's with my Medco plan. Doesn't it seem like a lot?

    Its supposed to be a 3 month supply (1 gm 3x wk) and it barely makes it to those last few doses!
    dont get me started on medicare and lack of meds that they cover....... hormone replacment is one of them . I suggest next medicare d enrollment try to find better part d plan with lower cost on estrace..... it is not generic and being in medicare u cant get coupons from drug co . For now call around different drug stores to see prices cheaper


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      Yes that does sound high for a 3 month supply. I have medco and when I was on estrace cream it wasn't that high. But then again it all depends on the medco contract and who ever it is with. You may want to shop around for prices at Walmart, Target, or Costco and see what the price difference would be without even going through Medco.


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        Can you ask your Dr. for some samples, mine always has samples of this, it doesn't have as many does in it, I think 10, but if he gave you a handful, it may help a but.

        My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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          Thanks, guys, good responses.

          My Medco plan is through my old employer, my State government so I guess I'm stuck with it.

          Oddly, I heard a woman say on the radio that she just happened to ask about her RX at Wal Mart and was shocked to find it much cheaper.

          I never thought of going outside my plan.

          Thanks for the advice!


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            You could also check with reputable Canadian pharmacies. I know several who do this for their meds.


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              Yes, you can go to places like Wal-Mart and it might be cheaper, they have medications where its $4.00 a month or $30.00/month. depending on what it is One of my husbands diabetes medications I was paying $35.00 a month but the last time the doctor wrote out the prescription it was 410 for 3 months! I was surprise. You just have to look around. I have done that on occassion.


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                I just checked with where I get my Elmiron for cheaper and they have it:

                Estrace Vaginal Cream (Estradiol Cream) .01% 42.5gm x 3 $435.00

                Yikes (unless the x3 means you get 3 tubes)! I would check with Walmart and Target but I have never had any luck with those myself.


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                  I pay $45.00 for 30 grams of compounded estriol cream and pay out of pocket because it's compounded and my insurance doesn't cover compounds. It lasts me about 45 to 60 days depending on whether I use it 2x a week or 3x week. It seems that a compounded estriol cream is less expensive than the estrace cream whether it's covered by insurance or not. You may want to look into it. I use Dakota Pharmacy in North Dakota and I love them. The estriol cream works just fine for me and was told by the pharmacist there that it is a very absorbable form.


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                    I use it and it is about the same cost you listed. I have BC/BS insurance. The thing is, it works wonderfully for the problem, so I just use a tiny bit less every time to make it last longer.
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