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I love swimming!

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  • I love swimming!

    Does anyone else out there get as much from being in water as I do? I can have a pretty bad flare and still make it to the pool to swim laps. It's a great way to make your body think about something else besides the bladder!

    Also, when pain is not so bad, I love to do hill walking just out side my house. There's a wonderful 45 min. loop walk right from where I live.

    Sure wish I had some IC buddies to walk with!

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    Hi dminton, that's great that swimming doesn't bother your bladder...I can't swim because of the chlorine and other chemicals irritating my IC. Keep it up!

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      I love to swim we have a pool out back it a 4ft but still it is great i like to go up to the hole where it is throwing the water out and let it hit my bladder it feels so good. I hate this time of the year i feel like i'm tied down to the house because the weather is so nasty. I think the sun has disappered on up i havent seen it in a week now the clouds keeps it covered up frown
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      5 Leviquin 500mg self start as needed.
      6. Klonopin 1 or 2 daily as needed.
      7. Prosed/DS as 1 every 6hrs as needed.

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        I also like to swim and most of the time can tolerate it ok. There are times though it will cause more pressure on my bladder and I am out frequently to go to the bathroom. But I do enjoy it.


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          That's great that you can swim. I have always found that swimming pools affect my bladder - I guess now I know why! Since I've been diagnosed there are lots of little things that have bothered me over the years (which I've just put up with) that make sense. I'm only hoping that the way I feel now is as bad as it ever gets (I don't have pain - only burning and occasional urgency).


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            I like the swimming pool too! I just recently went back, but instead of doing laps, I'm trying to do aquafit! I went twice last week. I have not this week, but I hope to get back to it next week! So far, I have found that the chlorine does not bother me. THe only thing that bugs and this is funny! When we are bouncing around in the pool doing aquafit, everything is bouncing, let me tell ya! I find that I have to get out of the pool to go to the washroom! Ha, ha, ha! Oh well, I guess I will just have to adjust! Or not drink so much before I go! As for walking, I like walking to, but I find that I can't go very far unless I walk where I know there will be bathrooms along the way. Then I suppose I could walk forever! It just the bathroom thing that stops me. I hope one day that I can do more walking, because it is good exercise and it is cheap!


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              When I swim or get into WATER I get a major flare...perhaps that could be your problem also....


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                For those who have problems with chlorine, try a therapeutic pool (hospital, Easter Seals, etc.) which uses hydrogen peroxide & a sand filter instead. Far less irritating.
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