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    My doc today suggested gentle-moderate yoga for me. She said I'm going to be very limited because of my Fibro and said that Yoga is a great exercise, helps lose weight too. So, has anyone tried the Yoga tape from the ICN shop here? And if so, how was it? I am looking forward to exercising again, I used to roller skate, bike, and walk a few miles at least 3 times a week and since I got sick I've done nothing but sleep and be sick! She said this is a good way to start.

    Thanx for any input!
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    Hi Jessica-
    My uro also suggested that I stick with yoga or pilates. Between the two the pilates to me is better.I have not tried the yoga tape, the pilates ones are great. However don't be afraid to still squeeze in your cardio. I went back to biking after I was diagnosed. I started off easy 2 or 3 miles a day and now depending on my morning I am riding 15-25 miles a day 6 days a week. It seems to be helping me.


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      Hi, I have not tired the yoga tape you asked about but I have started taking yoga classes. I had instant relief after the very first class. It was strange, no pain! It was a great feeling. I have only been doing if for a week so I will see how it goes.

      Peta hi


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        yoga classes are really relaxing yummm. i made the mistake of picking up some cardio style yoga videos, but the pace is far too quick to maintain the right form. im trying the windsor pilates tapes next...borrowed from a friend. i recently bought one of the glider type machines (i.e. walking w/o the impact). I just havent' had the chance to put it together yet. I'm such a handywoman wink . I've been doing way too much veging out on the couch bc i feel bad. i really think it makes me feel worse sometimes.
        "Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got. Taking a break from all your worries sure would help alot. Wouldn't you like to get away?" Cheers everybody & Happy New Year!


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          I love my windsor pilates tapes! I really notice results in inches when I started. I can't do the ab parts now because I'm in the middle of a bad flare but I've tried some of the leg stretches and lifts. I've got to be careful right now not to make my flare worse. My new exercise ball is great for gentle stretching!


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            I have been doing yoga for 14 years, and it is a life-saver. I do ashtanga for its cardio benefits and Iyengar for focus and precision. I have a yoga pelvic sling in my house that I can hang from in an inverted pose and this gives the most exquisite relief from IC pain you can imagine! I get good relief from other inverted poses, e.g.headstand, handstand also. Last spring I was diagnosed with a cystocele, which alarmed me a great deal. I worked daily on the yoga technique called mula banda, engaging the muscles of the pelvic floor, and in six weeks the cystocele was gone.

            If your physical condition is a bit tender, look for a 'gentle yoga' class - these are geared specifically for folks with limitations, illnesses or thoswe recovering from injuries.



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              Jessica hi
              I am doing gentle yoga and meditation almost every day. It helps me a lot to relax and feel good about myself.


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                I have the Hatha Yoga tape and it allows me to move at my pace. The tape is easy to follow and gentle. The focus is on becoming in tune with your body . My personal discovery is that I need to practice some forms of it daily.
                Give it a try. wink
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                  I have to say, I havent done it in awhile, but I am with Marti and ICSunshine. When I take the time to do my tape at my pace, it not only provides me with some relief for my tight muscles, but it also provides me with a deep relaxation which is good for me, that part is exactly what I need more of. You should not push yourself with yoga, just take it slow and try to relax. It really can be good for you...... I just dont do it often enough !! wink

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