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Horseback riding and IC

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  • Horseback riding and IC

    My wife is passionate horseback rider for many years, and recently an IC patient.
    Is it OK that she continue with her hobby, or should she stop because riding can cause even more problems.
    Who can give me correct answer that I can relly on?

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    I would think a doctor would be the only answer you could definately rely on. We don't know your wife, her medical history, etc. Only a doctor that really knows her could answer that definitavely. That being said, I think it's great that you came on this site to find answers for you wife. I wish a lot more guys would do what you just did! I'm sure she would appreciate it!

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      I don't ride anymore because I was out of riding for a long time before my IC came out. But I think if someone had already been riding they would be in much better shape and it may actually be good for them to get the exercise. I know once you stop exercising it is so hard to start again, it's best to leave well enough alone if possible.

      Also, definitely talking to a doctor is good.


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        Hi and welcome,
        My parents own a horse farm and I have actually talked to my doc about riding a horse & riding a bike, since I love both activities. She said to try slowly and see how things go. I ride English and take it very easy cantering. Some days my bladder is achy and some days it's not. I agree that your wife should talke to her doc. My doctor feels that quality of life is part of the equation, and always tells me to start things SLOWLY and see how I feel.
        Good Luck!


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          Originally posted by worried husband
          My wife is passionate horseback rider for many years, and recently an IC patient.
          Is it OK that she continue with her hobby, or should she stop because riding can cause even more problems.
          Who can give me correct answer that I can relly on?

          I have ridden daily for thirty-two years. I have had IC for the last 9 or so years. There are some days when I cannot because my IC is really bad. For the most part, it is the only thing I can do to forget the pain. Keep supporting her because it will help her to not be depressed from dealing with this disease! It was great when my horse was in training so I only had to go when I felt good. Otherwise, I try to turn my horse out if I don't feel good.
          I asked two of my urologists if they thought I should ride. Boy of them said 'yes" if that is what helps me with my well-being. There have been times over the last ten years where I did not ride for three to six months because of several surgeries I had. However, that did not make any different in how my IC felt. I did not improve or get worse

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            I agree that she should check with her doctor. Usually it depends on whether she can ride comfortably. If it causes pain, that would be a problem.

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              I was diagnosed as having IC with a PST test however a hydro with distention showed nothing. However I do have some bladder pain issues but it has not bothered me to continue riding. There was only once in the past six months that it was too painful to ride. Also my horse (which is for sale) is a real project and not easy to ride so I'm sure she will be able to continue riding in the future.


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                is your wife able to ride?