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Whoo - Did way too much this weekend

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  • Whoo - Did way too much this weekend

    Boy, did I push the limits this weekend. First I took the kids to Chattanooga for two days for spring break, did a total of about 5 miles walking and in order to save money (that I do not have) I am mowing my own lawn now, and then had to work on the beds (the previous owner did nothing and I can't stand the mess), I am suffering today. My son asked me if I had one wish what would that be, and I said that I would be well. I don't remember the last time that I felt like a normal human.

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    Wow, your and animal! lol I know how you feel. Doesn't it feel so good after a long day of hard work just to plop down in a chair and relax??

    I did alot too this weekend. I finally washed my car and cleaned the inside and then waxed it! Oh Lord did that take a lot out of me. Wax on Wax off. hahaha It looked so pretty when I was finished! It was nice outside yesterday So instead of sitting watching tv all day I spent most of it outside. haha YEAH It's supposed to be 74 here tommorrow!!!!! Cant wait!

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