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Pilates or stomach strengthening

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  • RAS6
    My experience...

    Hi Ladies!
    It would probably just depend on you (yes, that seem's to be the theme with IC and PFD!)

    I used to do Pilates and had great results. This was before my IC and PFD
    diagnoses. The Gaiam series were what I liked best, short (20 minute segments), up beat, and started from beginner levels up to advanced. Most required only a mat or towel, unless specified (in the ball series obviously you need a ball!) Plus I like Ana Caban, who does most of their Pilates videos. She is fit, but short and normal looking, not a super model or "fake". Plus she is pleasant and encouraging (Pilates can be very hard at first)

    That being said, in my case, Pilates is no longer an optionfor me right now.
    I loved it and my tummy was much tighter. But the pain I already have is too much, and yes Pilates made it worse for me b/c you tighten your core muscles (IE: butt, tummy, Pelvic muscles, vaginal muscles)
    In fact my IC symptoms all peaked when I was at my healthiest- had just graduated from college, was doing Pilates 5 days a week, was eating healthy foods that were IC triggers, (all kinds of fruits, yogurt, tomatos, green tea, etc) and taking a weight loss supplement that was loaded with caffeine)
    I have tried Pilates since and unfortunately I flare.
    But remember this is just my case. The thing to do would be to get a beginner DVD (you can find them cheap online, or often at the library) and try it. I wouldn't spend alot of money if I were you or take classes you have to pay in advance for until you know for sure how you will react.
    In my case, just walking also gives me intense back and pelvic pain (which means more meds, yuck!)
    I am able to do Yoga. I don't take classes or even have a video, I just found an article on a type of very easy Yoga called Kripalu yoga in a health magazine (May 2006 Natural Health). It focuses on being calm and relaxed (something I desperately need ight now!) gentle stretching and better balance plus most of the poses are standing or on your side. I can't lay on my back for too long, so that was a plus. I can't say I've lost weight or flattened my abs, but it does help give me energy and helps when I have pain. Plus the focus on breathing and relaxation has helped when i have terrible pain days. I am much better nowat visualization, relaxing and deep breathing when the pain is too much to handle!
    Hope this helped!

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  • amartaingirl

    I do the windsor pilates videos

    you get 5 of them for about $70
    i only use 4 of the 5th is cardio...and its rather lame...
    so i use a eliptical machine at the gym for that ..i try for 20 minutes 3 times a week

    anyway..the pilates videos rock.
    they are 20 minutes each
    i do one every am

    combine that with diet & cardio.
    and it totally works.
    doesnt bother my ic at all

    i think i am going to buy the dance like a stripper work out video next
    it just looks like fun...even if i dont have a pole in the living room.

    its the striptease dance video with carmen electra

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  • journalibra
    Walking even hurts me sometimes. I have no idea what type of exercise or for how long. Any advice?

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  • RobinD
    I want an answer to this too. I feel like any type of excercise but walking makes me hurt worse. Any ideas would be helpful.


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  • anniepie1976
    started a topic Pilates or stomach strengthening

    Pilates or stomach strengthening

    So are these types of exercises ok or what? I had read and heard different views. My old PT told me that our stomach muscles support the pelvic floor and it's good for us. My present PT said it isn't good and could flare me worse. My belly is so distended looking and I really want to flatten my tummy. I think the inflammation in my pelvic area may have something to do with it. Any opinions or advice on this?