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Weight Loss cause increase of symptoms??

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  • Weight Loss cause increase of symptoms??

    I decided that after the New Year I needed to start eating better and get some of this excess flab. The last few days I've been drinking more water and I also believe I'm getting rid of my water weight. While doing all of this I've had a slight increase in that "gotta go" feeling. I don't know if it's the new diet or something else. Wondering if anybody else is going through the same thing.

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    HI. What diet are you on? A low Carb. diet will cause us to go more often and in many cases can cause many problems. I hope you are feeling better soon Hugs, Ziggy


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      The low carb diet did a number on me too. How much are you drinking? I do drink six to eight cups a day, but usually not more than that.

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        I'm basically trying to lower the amount of carbs I'm eating and trying to just plain eat better. I'm not in agony or anything, just going #1 more often. I'm pretty sure it's the water weight since I'm down a few pounds since starting this week. If I still feel "poopy", I'll cut back on the veggies a little.


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          Yesterday I ate a pretty blah diet and that seems to have helped calm things down a bit. The nice this is that last night I didn't have to get up to go to the bathroom; first time all week. I'd really like to lose some weight, but not if I have to suffer with every salad or veggie dish I eat.


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            Had hub on low carb diet for about 2 months. He lost some weight but has other health issues, so it is difficult. Think any rapid diet change/weight loss/gain is probably detrimental. A person with no health issues can take that, but it seems that ICes and IBSers have probs. Some carbs are necessary, do a little googling, you'd be surprised. You can't deprive your body of carbs for too long, the chemistry changes. Pee needs some kind of dilution, would think, and a pure NO carb diet may hurt more than it helps. Hub did seem to have more pain while on it, and we eased back into whole grain healthy carbs, and some pasta (shoot, no tomato sauce) now and then. It's tough, and everyone reacts differently. Marshmallow root tea with a little honey really soothes his bladder and is comforting for him. Omelettes over a little chopped iceberg and cukes are great. Do some searching on here there are actually organic pure vegans. Good luck to you. Jill, wife of Bob