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    What type of exercise does everyone do? I find that when I exercise my bladder feels better. I don't like the treadmill since I feel pain all over my body (especially thighs and gluts) a day or so after. I like the Elliptical machine the best especially the ones where you can move your arms. I do like the rowing machine but after while I want to get up. I don't like the exercise bike for the same reason. I tried yoga but it was too slow for me.
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    I am very newly diagnosed with IC. In fact, I was just diagnosed by my family doctor and I haven't seen a urologist yet. It will be two weeks before I can even get in. But I did want to respond to your message because I just returned home from the gym. At first, I was in pain and almost left the exercise class. I felt like I had to go even though I just went minutes before. It was a mixture of pilates and yoga moves. I stayed in the class, did what I could, and then at the last few minutes she had us tense our muscles and then relax them. I didn't feel cured, but I felt so much better. Does this happen to you?

    I have been going to these classes for ten years now. I stopped going in the last few months and that is when I started to have problems.
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      I'm glad that exercise seems to make your bladder feel better Anna. It does me too, depending on 'what' exercise. -Some have not been bladder friendly! Unfortunately, I don't have access to any machines where I live, and I'm too frugal to buy plus don't have room to store them for myself.

      I lift weights, dumb-bells, three nights a week (Power 90 Sculpt) and was walking dogs (aerobics) on the other two days. Now that I'm working I still lift the weights three days but then do a "Sketchers" aerobics workout for the other three. Taking one day off a week.

      Not only does it help my body, but even more-so, I think it does a world of good for my attitude. Do you find that too?

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