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  • Bicycle?

    Is anyone able to bicycle or use a stationary bike without setting off pain? I've been afraid to go back to this exercise not only due to the IC but also due to previous pelvic floor spasms. Anyone ok with this type of exercise, or has anyone modified the bike seat with a gel seat and been ok?

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    Typically bicycles are bad for ICer's. It is usually ok on a recumbent bike( the one that is like sitting in a chair) or I know some do get a different seat for their bikes and are ok with that also. I wouldn't recommend using a bicycle with the skinny seat ever! LOL In the past I tried one of the gel seats but found it was still too narrow for me personally. I hope you find something that works for you.

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      I can do the stationary bike, but don't use it often. I prefer to exercise on the treadmill or with WII Fit.

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        Thanks. I guess the reclining stationary bike or a treadmill would probably be the best to try. There is a seat called a saddle seat that can be put on a regular bicycle but I imagine the vibration that comes from riding the bicycle might not be so good.


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          Go into your local bike shop, explain to the sales clerk your issue and s/he will be able to suggest to you the proper seat to use. You'll also be able to test the seats out on the bikes in the store. I found a comfortable seat (finally!) a year ago after struggling with uncomfortable biking. I not only got a comfortable seat, the guy sold it to me very cheap as it was slightly used ($15). With a bike seat the only way to positively know whether it'll work for you or not is to try it out. Also, the type of bike can also make a difference in how comfortable the ride will be. I have a very smooth riding Mongoose mountain bike (front and rear shocks) and also a street bike.
          Trial and error.

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            Thanks for the tip. I didn't realize they were able to do that.


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              I use a recumbent bike. Which has a nie wide comfortable padded seat. The most I have done on my bike is 20 minutes. All though I usually do 10 minutes.


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                @Earthlady---the people that work in bike shops are usually pro-am cyclers and are trained to properly fit a bike to the customer. I bet you'll be amazed after talking with a sales clerk just how many women come in looking for the proper seat. Women deal with more issues in the pelvic region than men when it comes to riding. If the bikes not properly fitted along with having the proper seat, the ride isnt ever going to be as comfortable as it should be. I know its probably a bit odd to think about discussing such issues with a sales clerk--trust me, they've heard it all. I've dealt with 4 different bike shops in my area and have never been made to feel anything less than comfortable when discussing my issues, with both male and female clerks.

                Good luck!
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                  Hey - thanks everyone. I guess I thought it would be strange or too personal telling a sales person about why I would need a different seat. You're right, they probably deal with this all the time. Now if they could fit the bicycle with shock absorbers that would buffer all the bumps I'd be set - lol I should design a bicycle just for IC people.