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  • Pilates DVD in ICN Shop

    I recently had a bad flare, but it has calmed down finally and I've been feeling pretty good for the past 2 months. I decided to get out my Pilates DVD for people with pelvic pain (the one in the ICN shop) and do a couple of the workouts. Well...I did the warm-up and the arms Monday night, and the warm-up and legs Tuesday, and it put my in a horrible flare! I thought it was just the muscles reacting, but I took a muscle relaxer and it didn't help that much. The following night, I did a bladder instillation, and that did help. I was surprised that this caused actual pain, and not just muscle pain. Has anyone else had this experience. I'm going to stick with walking and stretching for now. Wish i could do more though. I miss my Denise Austin DVD's and pilates that I used to do before the IC
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