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Flu Shots - any adverse reactions in the IC population?

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  • Flu Shots - any adverse reactions in the IC population?

    This may not be the appropriate place to post this, but I thought maybe it might fall under fitness if it keeps us well. That brings me to my question. I have had IC since 1994 and am much better as far as pain and frequency in my. bladder, however, I do have a number of autoimmune problems - fibromyalgia, IBS, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, asthma.

    With all that is happening in the world with disease and thinking about how sick I got last year with something I got from my husband, I am seriously considering getting a flu shot and a pneumonia shot this year. I am tired of ending up in emergency rooms when I catch a cold or worse, and it makes my asthma go crazy, and I honestly think I am going to die.

    So my question is this: Have any of you gotten flu shots and did you have adverse reactions because of autoimmune problems? Same question for the pneumonia shot. I really think I should have it because of how sick I got last year, but I am afraid it will cause me to have the flu or pneumonia. Please let me know I what your experience was if you were brave enough to get these vaccines.

    Faye Combs

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    Re: Flu Shots - any adverse reactions in the IC population?

    I have had flu vaccines done for 20 years and have had a pneumonia one too.
    I have to get them done because of my heart.
    I haven't noticed anything IC way or anything. Sometimes you feel like you have a mini flu for 24 hours or so and sometimes you have a sore arm for a bit but other than that i just see the good in vaccines since a flu almost killed me before i got flu shots annually.
    Hope that helps
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    Other things, heart defect and scoliosis


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      Re: Flu Shots - any adverse reactions in the IC population?

      I don't have an autoimmune condition but I do get a minor immune response from the flu vaccines. I've been told you don't and can't get the actual flu from the vaccine but can have a mild response for a day or two. I got the 4 strain vaccine this year and next year I will be getting the stronger one for those 65 and older. The one year I didn't get the vaccine I ended up in urgent care unable to breathe because I was so sick. Never again will I skip it. Does your Dr. feel it will be beneficial for you considering your autoimmune conditions?


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        Re: Flu Shots - any adverse reactions in the IC population?

        After having contracted the flu back in '96 I swore I would never go a year w/o getting the vaccine. If youve ever had influenza you'll wish you wouldve been the first in line for the vaccine! If you have any serious illness such as HBO, heart disease, kidney disease, etc etc etc you dont want to skip the vaccine as catching influenza can be very serious and possibly deadly. Ive never had any adverse reaction to the shot nor does it bother my bladder. I have felt a little off for a day or two in the past, however this year the shot didnt affect me at after effects nor any arm soreness at the injection site. I got mine at my local Rite-Aid and was in and out in 5 minutes.

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          Re: Flu Shots - any adverse reactions in the IC population?

          I have a flu shot every year --- I'm actually due for one right now. And I've had the pneumonia one as well. I have had a sore arm for a few days.

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            Re: Flu Shots - any adverse reactions in the IC population?

            I had the flu shot last week--no problem. My husband has an auto-immune disease (psoriatic arthritis, similar to rheumatoid arthritis) and he also got the flu shot--no problems. I would think that for folks with IC and auto-immune diseases getting the flu shot would be even more important.

            Also if you are over 50 , get the SHINGLES vaccine. I had shingles (before I had the shingles shot) and it was by far the worse thing I ever had (had shingles 4 years ago and I still have pain).

            Jo Ann


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              Re: Flu Shots - any adverse reactions in the IC population?

              Just a tip- the nurse this year told me that if you move your arm around a lot the day of the shot, you are less likely to get a stiff arm. So this year when I got the shot I actually went to the gym that night and it worked, but she said that even just rotating and shaking your arm occasionally from a seated position will help.

              I haven't had IC in a big way for every long but the two shots I have gotten have not caused me any problems. The one I just got was during a really good control week actually because symptoms have been minimal lately.
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                Re: Flu Shots - any adverse reactions in the IC population?

                I have never had a problem with the flu shot and get one every year. Ever since I got the flu about 15 years ago which literally ruined our Christmas (it took three days to open packages with all of us sick that year). I also move my arm around a lot and at the most, it aches just a little.
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                  Re: Flu Shots - any adverse reactions in the IC population?

                  I went to the local VA clinic and got one last week.(as in flu shot) By the way, my arm didn't even bother me. I will state a purple heart recipient came in. I was aware of that because he was wearing a hat that was advertising it. OK. I asked how he came to be one. First of all, he is 96 years old by now. Second of all, he walks better than I do. Third of all, he was not showing obvious signs of being a disabled vet. (if he is actually considered one) OK. He was wounded in the Battle of Iwo Jima. Anyhow, I decided to mention that now. Yep.


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                    This is an old thread but important topic! Just wanted to chime in to say I got my flu shot & didn't have any reaction at all. Same goes for covid shots & booster. I'd rather deal with a flare than have flu or covid (especially)