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  • Pressure all month

    I’m writing to see if anyone can tell me why we have pressure in our bladders with ic. I’ve had ic for 4 years and I haven’t had pressure since the first two but I had pressure all this month. I’m on my period and I almost can’t wear a tampon because there’s so much pressure in my pelvic floor. Advice please!

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    Have you considered or tried pelvic floor physiotherapy? I have had tremendous success with it relieving frequency, tension, pressure etc. with my IC (and I have been diagnosed for 13 years, started physio 3 years ago out of desperation for relief).


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      I did physical therapy for a year and a half. It helped me in some ways but it also flared me because I was having internal done twice a week. When I stopped PT I started to get better. I know it works for some people. But I think you’re right, when it came to pressure, I’m pretty sure it did help.


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        I find I can't do internal that often - I tend to need 7-10 days after an "adjustment" to allow things to settle down and see where things lie. Have you tried heparin instills? Or do you know if you have any abdominal adhesions that could be contributing to the bladder/pelvic pressure?


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          The only thing I know is what I saw on the cystoscopy. It looked like bright red veins all over my bladder. Not sure if those are adhesions or not. I’ve never done an instill before. How does that work if you don’t mind me asking?


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            Instillations help a lot of ICers --- many do them at home, some do them daily. There are different solutions being used. I prefer the ones that are soothing, such as cortisone along with lidocaine or Marcaine.

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              I’ll have to look into that! I’ll ask my urologist. Thanks!!


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                I am in pelvic floor therapy and I can’t get relief from the pressure. So I totally understand. I know it’s my pelvic floor, I just don’t know how long it will take to go away?


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                  The night I submitted this thread I sat on a heating pad for an hour and it went away. Heat and ice are my best friends.