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Was under control, now menopause. Help!!!

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  • Was under control, now menopause. Help!!!

    I just found out I’m menopausal. My IC has been under control until Nov when I got a UTI (maybe from my low estrogen). Yep rounds of antibiotic and contrast from a CT scan have not been nice to my bladder. And I now have pudendal nerve entrapment. But would estrogen suppositories help my bladder of part of the problem is my estrogen (it is 22).

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    I am post menopausal for over ten years. The final piece of my puzzle that really helped me was vaginal estrogen compounded gel. Miracle.


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      Where exactly do you put the gel?


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        Wow I’m kinda going through the same thing. I had a D and C in November and had a reaction to a med the doc gave me and it flared my bladder horribly .... I’m also menopausal. I’m still trying to get the flare under control... it’s been a long road . Doc also thinks I have pudendal nerve issues or PGAD. It’s frustrating to say the least.