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  • ICNDonna
    I'm so sorry you're having a problem with yeast. You mentioned that you use a cream for your VV --- if you are applying it by putting the cream directly from the container to your hand, then applying it, you might try taking the cream from the container with an instrument and putting it on a piece of wax paper, then using your finger from there, avoiding contact with the container in its container. If it's in a tube, you could squeeze a small amount on the paper. That would avoid any chance of transferring those yeast cells.

    Warm hugs,

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  • Katrina E
    started a topic Advice needed

    Advice needed

    Hi and thanks for reading
    I recently stopped low dose birth control and decided to get my hormones tested. My specialist recommended going on Estrace and lower dose of natural progesterone. I have had difficulties with taking hormones, they do not seem to agree with my body but until I am able to get a laproscopy, to get an extent of my endometriosis it is one of the only preventative things I can do. Very frustrating, also I have been getting constant yeast infections that seem to co-relate with my hormones, I got one again right after my period. The period I had was awful, very heavy and painful. I am not going to go through it again. In January I am looking at going on the Auto-immune protocol diet and I also avoid all the IC trigger foods, chocolate is hard especially this time of the year. Carob is alright.
    Today I used tiny bit more of estradiol cream(prescribed for vulvodynia) and had awful burning. Sitz bath helped last time. I know the cream was specially compounded for me and still reacting. I am wondering if seeing a dermatologist would help? My vulva area and around is very red and irritated. Hope Desert Harvest gele helps. I get burning from lidocaine and Nystatin. I am wondering what is it or if it is just super sensitivity that has developed and become worse as I am getting older. Hope Marshmallow root helps today.