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Terrible frequent urination and bladder pain prior to my period

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  • Terrible frequent urination and bladder pain prior to my period

    Prior to getting my period, I'm experiencing a lot of bladder pain and severe frequent urination especially at night (like every 15 minutes at night when I normally go only once an hour). This usually starts about a 7-11 days prior to getting my period and subsides several days into my period. Essientially, I am completely miserable for almost half the month. I don't know how much more I can take of this. Is birth control the only solution and if I take birthcontrol, do I need to take continuous birth control to prevent these symptoms. Are there any "natural" ways to prevent these symptoms?

    Btw, I'm in my late 20s.



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    I used to get the same thing. Right before my period and then about three days in to my period, I would have to go about every 5 minutes. It was torture. The two things that helped me are continuous birth control so I hardly have a period but every few months. And also Elmiron, but that took quite a while to kick in - about 11 months.

    If you can try the continuous bc so you don't have a period, I would definitely recommend that.
    Update! Feeling much better these days and no longer on any meds!

    Pelvic pain began July 2008. Urinary frequency began in November of 2008. IC Doctor says I'm one of the worst frequency patients he has had.

    Things that helped me the most: IC Diet, Elavil (30mg), Elmiron since June '09 (500mg/day).

    Previously tried and quit: one series of six instillations, Neurontin, Ditropan, Oxytrol, electric stimulation to the pelvic floor, Desert Harvest Aloe, Cystoprotek and Flomax, Hydroxyzine (50mg), Alesse Birth control (this helped my period flares when my symptoms used to be bad), PTNS (I think this helped).



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      I as well start a flare about 10 days before my period. And it lasts about 2 weeks, i feel your pain. BC made my symptoms worse so i stopped taking it. I take DH aloe vera, cystoprotek, MSM gel, and MSM oral.It all helps me. Only started 1 month ago so still waiting for it to kick in completely. But i still cant get rid of these flares before my period ouch!!


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        I have the same issue. Basically flare all month from period and hormones. I found out I was actually going through meno which makes more sense than just my period causing it. But it def has a lot to do with it. They put me on the pill as well, and I hardly have a period now, which has helped a lot compared to where I was at--bedridden. But it hasn't stopped the flares or the issues around it-frequency and all that. They wanted to do the ablation of the uterus to help, but I haven't done that as of yet. I would suggest trying an endocrinologist to find out which hormones are causing it and if it might be something more. Best of luck to you.
        For a cure...
        Take: Elmiron, baclofen, sanctura, instills, biotin, and uribel.


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          Re: Terrible frequent urination and bladder pain prior to my period

          Like tazzie23, I also stopped the pill. I've only been off of it for one month and I just got my period last night. 5 days leading up to my period I started a flare, which was a kind of pain I'd never felt before (different from cramps!). It was worse than the IC pain I had while I was on the pill. Then literally as soon as I started to bleed all the pain and tightness went away. I'm relieved because this was my experience on the pill - no pain during the placebo week. If this is my new "normal" I'm debating which is worse: Being on my previous pill and having almost daily very very mild achey pain, OR being off the pill and having next to no pain until 5 days before, in which case it's more intense pain and discomfort. Maybe my body just needs to adjust more to being off the pill. I'm so impatient though!!

          I should note that when I was on the generic form of Alesse my pain was totally manageable. Then I had to switch to a "similar" brand and I started getting daily pain. I know my problem is mostly hormone-driven… what are my options in this case?? I feel like I have to trust the internet to tell me because it's hard to communicate with doctors where I live