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This Hormonal Flare is DRIVING ME INSANE

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  • This Hormonal Flare is DRIVING ME INSANE

    Mostly, I just feel like venting. I have been having issues with birth control, and it does not matter what pill I am on (previously Yaz, then switched to Yasmin, then back to Yaz, and now Sprintec), I always have breakthrough bleeding at the SAME time on the second month. Well this time it got worse, and the nurse and I decided that I should take the placebo pills, have a period and hopefully they can regulate it. They thought the pill with the higher estrogen would help. We were hoping I could do continuous birth control for 3 months and then have a period. After I hit a certain week in the second month, I start bleeding. If I continue to take the third month, I bleed for a whole month. Ugh. Just wish there was a way to get this regulated.

    Usually I just get one bad day of pain, but it has been non-stop this week. Usually it is just bad before the period, but this time it is bad during too. I have not been able to do much research, which sucks. I tried going in one day and had a reaction to my pain meds (almost could not drive home b/c of being drowsy). Luckily I made it home fine. I seriously hate hormonal flares, and I wish there was something they could do to get this all regulated. It is almost like my body is fighting it for some reason.

    It has been so painful to the point where I have to take my Norco every 4 hours, and sometimes have to take 2 at a time. Hopefully when my period is done it will get better. It has been going on for a week now, and hopefully there will be an end in sight. I have been doing my rescue treatments (seems to help a fraction right now), but other than that all I can do is take my Klonopin and pain meds and sit with a heating pad.

    It sucks being a woman sometimes. I could use the views of my boyfriends 14 year old sister: 'It sucks being a girl, but at least we get to look pretty all of the time.'

    I shake my fist at my uterus, and bladder. They both suck.

    24 year old Ph.D student in Organic Chemistry

    Loves to listen to music, play with my animals (cat, fish, 2 hamsters), and live life to the fullest each and every day.

    My blog (just started):

    Elavil 25mg (helped with nighttime urination-used to be 7 or more times a night, now just once)
    Cymbalta 60mg
    Gabapentin (Neurontin) (3200mg/day)
    Zyrtec 10mg
    Xanax 0.5mg up to 3 times a day(spasms, anxiety)
    Macrobid 100mg (only on days when doing an instill)
    Yaz Birth Control (3 months on birth control, then period)
    Pelvic floor therapy
    Valium 5 mg (inserted vaginally)
    MScontin 30 mg (3 times a day)
    Percocet 10/325mg (every 6 hours)
    TENS Therapy, CVS machine, 30 minutes once or twice a day
    Sanctura XR 60 mg (to help control severe bladder spasms that are causing urinary retention episodes and enable normal bladder sensations)

    *** 1/4 of a teaspoon of baking soda in an 8 ounce glass of water up to 4 times a day*****


    Currently doing hyaluronic acid instillations (cystistat-6 instillations, once a week, already had 4...not sure if helping)

    Used to do these:

    Solu-Cortef (act-o-vial) 100 mg: 2 mL
    Marcaine (bupivicaine) 0.5 % 25 mL
    20,000 units Heparin
    3 mL sodium bicarbonate

    Diagnoses: Moderate IC, scoliosis, asthma, ovarian cysts, PFD, IBS, Fibromyalgia, vulvodynia, Fowler's syndrome (mild) 'Central Sensitivity Syndrome.'

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    I hear you. I had problems on birth control. I'm off it now (single anyway thankfully) and no more bleeding when I shouldn't, no more periods that last fortnights. Flaring right now, have been for the past few days due to an ovulation cyst. OH GOD the cramps. It's set my bladder and IBS off too. What a joy. Yes being a girl is some sort of conspiracy, as I've always thought. Some jerks idea of a joke.