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Frequent urge for orgasm

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  • Frequent urge for orgasm

    O.k...this sounds almost perverted. lol...I certainly hope that noone takes it that way because to be quiet honest, I am not "into" this. I seem to have episodes of a great deal of pressure in the pelvic region, which almost requires me to need to bring on an orgasm so that I can get on with my day.

    I am peri-menopausal and I do find that these symptoms get worse during ovulation (I'm still producing cervical mucous) and right before my period.

    I didn't see a thread specifically related to this annoying symptom, and as a matter of fact, I am seeing more info relating to lack of sex drive and/or painful orgasm.

    Within the lower pelvic area/centre of lower stomach, I also feel a great deal of movement which I used to think was just uterine activity preparing for mensus. However, I am now linking this movement to IC-to possibly the bladder pulsating and perhaps causing the swelling of tissues near the perenium, etc. that is also occuring.

    O.k..I hope I haven't offended anyone's sensibilities (), but if we can't talk here about it, then where would we be?

    Thank you ladies, in advance. It may sound like a blessing in disguise, but seriously, being this "verile" is actually exhausting.

    Maybe this is where the stories about women being in their forties derives from. LOL!

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    Actually this is about the 3rd thread in two weeks with people saying they have this symptom so you are not alone! I read it can be a symptom of IC, probably has to do with where your inflammation is.

    Gelnique for frequency/urgency - works great
    Macrobid after sex
    Prilosec, continuous birth control pills
    synthroid .088mg, mucinex-d, restasis

    Supplements: Desert Harvest Aloe vera, Cysta-q, prelief, magnesium and calcium, Vit D, flaxseed oil

    Diag Mild IC Jan 11 but have had symptoms for 25 years. Also have GERD, TMJ, IBS-C, chronic dry eye syndrome, hashimotos thyroiditis, non-allergic rhinitis.

    IC Diet Link:
    AUA 2011 Guidelines to diagnosing and treating IC overview-
    AUA 2011 Guidelines to diagnosing and treating IC PDF:
    Great treatment flowchart on page 19 of the pdf


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      Many thanks!

      Thank you for replying! I sincerely appreciate that and it does help to know that other women are experiencing this. I do wonder if it's the IC as a flare-up right before my period, so I think the best way to know is to start tracking this on paper and compare my symtoms from month to month. All in all, I know that there are worse symptoms "out there", so I have it in perspective, can be annoying.


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        If you read up on your pudendal nerve you will see where it goes in your pelvis. During times of a lot of inflamation many of us have this sensation. It can drive you insane, and make you feel crazy! I find that rest, hot or cold on the area (whichever helps better) and time will make it better. I know I had this when I first started with my symptoms and now it will come and go with flares, or I notice when my bladder is full (or at least what my mind thinks is full) You are not alone!
        Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

        American Urological Association Clinical Guideline
        Diagnosis and Treatment of Intersitial Cysitis/Painful Bladder Syndrom


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          I use to get it all the time. It was so annoying. I told my husband about it and he though it was a great thing!(men). Mine went away with time but I think pelvic floor pt helped the most.



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            ur not alone on this one

            Well I find that when I am flaring and I was bad and ate sumthing not good for me the urge for orgasm comes about I know it sounds wierd and hard to talk about but this comes with the ic. I find that the orgasm feeling is especially heightened when I used a certain soap down there that aggitated me in my clitorial area ouch!!! I have had to switch soaps so many times! Anyway I finally use a natural soap with minimal ingredients frustrating... Yes I too during the time of ovulation sumtimes get these feelings too my theory on that is that I find during ovulation period mucusy discharge comes out (it is clear and normal) which I have to wear panty liners...anyway the combination of the discharge and the irritation of the pantyliner irritates me down there and causes the orgasm feelin so frustrating also!