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  • Tip for cooling off

    I just made some neck ties that really help cool off in very hot weather. Very simple to make:

    (1) Cut a strip 4 1/2 inches wide and 40 to 44 inches long. Fold (right side inside) so you have a strip slightly under 2 inches wide.
    (2) Mark the center of the strip so you can leave an opening about 2 inches long;
    (3) then, with a narrow seam, stitch the entire length of the strip, leaving the opening in the center.
    (4) Turn the tube right side out --- I used a knitting needle --- and press flat.
    (5) Measure 4 inches from the center and seam across, repeat at other end.
    (6) Using a funnel, put a small amount of *SoilMoist Granules (slightly under 1/2 teaspoon) inside the tube and shake towards one of the cross seams, measure 4 inches and seam across, sealing in the granules; repeat for other seam.
    (7) The last step is to put the same amount of granules against the cross seams you just made, stitch the opening you left to insert the funnel, then seam across the center.


    Now all you have to do is place the sections with granules into cold water, with the ends over the edge of the bowl and wait for the granules to swell --- then wrap it around your neck --- it's amazing how much it cools.

    *Granules can be purchased at a garden store.

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