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Rhodiola in place of coffee?

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  • Rhodiola in place of coffee?

    I have found that if I drink a cup of iced down latte style Kava (low acid coffee) it helps my brain to wake up. I am really struggling with fatigue and think it is from chronic pain/anxiety. My pain level hovers around a 2-3 out of 10 (much more under control than when I first got dx'd with IC.) I know eliminating caffeine would probably help my body feel better but I am having a hard time thinking straight through the fatigue most days. Being in school, I've reasoned the small amount of pain vs. brain fog is "worth it." My new pelvic pain MD recommended rhodiola for the fatigue - I am super hesitant to add anything new to my body. I recently tried milk thistle and it sent me into a week long flare. Anyone have good/bad experience taking rhodiola to help with fatigue/brain fog? I also recent went gluten free after reading The Better Bladder Book.

    Best Wishes and Healing,