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I messed up!!!!

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  • I messed up!!!!

    After 9 days of not smoking. I broke down yesterday!!!I had one. My frequency has picked up, I guess from the stress of quitting. I was going nuts peeing,feeling like I had to pee,you know the feeling. So I broke down. I know the stress of this is affecting my bladder I believe that. But I dont want to give in, and I am hoping if I march on that it will fade. I know the body goes thru withdrawal.I just hope some of this fades as time goes on. We are suppose to go away next month for the first time in a real long time, my first flight ever.God help me. I told my hubby if this bladder doesnt calm down by then, then to go without me.He needs this vacation and besides he can see his parents while he is there.This isnt fair to him. I have been ripping into him. Its not his fault. Any tips,words of encouragement I sure you use them. Thanks-JOJO

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    Just remember that your body is addicted to nicotine and it's not going to be easy to beat it. And stay away from places where people are smoking --- people who are smoking exhale enough nicotine to keep your addiction going.

    You can do it! I went from over 2 packs a day to a non-smoker --- and if I could do it, you can. I was extremely addicted.

    Warm hugs,

    Stay safe

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      Don't be too hard on yourself. This disease is a real tear down to anyone's life. It's hard to learn how to deal with the constant pain and peeing. Suggestion, if you do start to smoke agian, stay away from Newports, they are deadly to my IC. Give yourself some wonderful credit for quitting in the first place. One slip up here and there is not a crime. I smoke as well. I cut down from one pack a day to 2-4 cigs per day. It was not easy but I managed it. This message board should provide some great suggestions on how to quit or not get back into it. It's a safe place to talk about smoking with out getting lectured or judged.

      I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope that you and your Husband will go on this vacation together and have a wonderful time. Even if you have a few good days it would be worth it for you to get away from it all.

      Best Wishes and Warmm Hugs to you!

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        JOJO-you have done great so far-just get back on the horse, lol! I agree with Donna-it really does help to stay away from situations where there are going to be smokers. Have you thouhgt about the patch? I did hear those can be addictive, though-I tried Zyban and it really worked for me-but I chose to stop taking them since the desire to quit left me. But I am getting another scrip on Wed for it-and THIS TIME I AM GOING TO STAY ON IT!

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          Hi - hang in there Jo-Jo. I quit 9 weeks and 2 days ago and it hasn't been pretty....I've gained 10 pounds already !!! However, my blood pressure has dropped, my resting heart rate dropped by 20, and my IC pain has decreased. I stayed on the patch for 8 weeks and they REALLY WORKED!! I smoked almost 30 years and I'm not going back to it - do ANYTHING else you can think of except smoke. I also stayed away from places and people who smoked and that definitely helped. Good Luck!!