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smoking and pancreatic cancer.

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  • smoking and pancreatic cancer.

    I know this isn't quite connected to IC but my dad just died of pancreatic cancer this past March. It is one of the most horrifying ways for a person to die. A pancreatic cancer patient has virtually no chance for survival past 50 weeks.

    They die slowly or quickly depending on your perspective.

    They die quickly in that you can't believe they are gone so soon after seeing them healthy just a few months before.

    They die slowly in that when they begin to get sick the person usually becomes severely malnurished before all the extra blood vessels that the tumor has created begin to self destruct. This self destruct period is incredibly painful and may last up to a month or more. At the end the family is often praying that their loved one give up his fight and allow his soul to regain some peace....

    ***When my dad was diagnosed they were baffled that he didn't have any of the risk factors, smoking being a big one.

    Now, thankfully the docs were savvy enough NOT to blame my mom, but we are all aware of how many many years he had been exposed to HER SECOND HAND SMOKE!!!! It didn't take much research to come up with the fact that second hand smoke is also a big risk factor in pancreatic cancer.

    I don't mean this to be a negative sounding letter, I want you all to do whatever it takes to educate yourself and quit as soon as your are mentally and physically able to do so. I promise you all that I will visit here often and be encouraging from now on.....God bless you all in your effort to quit smoking; do it for you and do it for those you love. With all my love to you, and in memory of my darling daddy....Julie B

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