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  • Quitting

    It has been 6 days since i had a cigarette. I quit cold Turkey. This might sound strange, but my frequency has become worst. I know my bladder the past month has not been happy, so i decided to quit. I was just wondering if the "Stress" one goes thru while quitting is affecting me this way.I was thinking since I am under a sort of stress my Pelvic Floor is tense. I quit because I know smoking hurts the lining of the bladder and for the obvious reasons. I hope this will pass-JOJO

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    It certainly "seems" like the stress your body goes through when you stop could be affecting your bladder. Your body is going through withdrawal and it probably affects your whole system. Maybe?

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      One of the things that happens with an addiction is that when you cut off the supply, your body demands the addictive substance. It can make you cranky, nervous, stressed, and can cause all kinds of symptoms. It may take a while, but hand tight --- when your body stops demanding the cigarette, then your bladder will more than likely calm down.

      I've gotta send you a lot of praise --- I couldn't have quit without the help of nicorette gum. Even with that it wasn't easy for me.

      Sending an encouraging hug,
      Stay safe

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        I did the cold turkey thing. It will get worse before it gets better, because your body is cramping up in general with its need for nicotine. Hang in there!

        And: GOOD FOR YOU!!! :-) You're doing something wonderful for yourself! Good for you.


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          I left the cigarette with nicorete gum too, and my last cigarette I smoked was on january 19,2002