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Tired of this!!!!!

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  • Tired of this!!!!!

    I can sympathize with all you smokers. I had quit than started again,big mistake. Then I quit again last summer for a while than back to it. I think I am getting ready. I have been in a nasty flare.I know the cigarettes are bothering my bladder,you think that would be enough!!!!! The one good thing I have done is trained myself not to smoke at work.Because we can. I had one today so far I hoping I can make it thru the rest of the day. The last time I did it cold turkey. Its that first 24 hrs that is the hardest. Wish me luck I will need it!!!!-JOJO

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    hi jojo best wishes on the stop smoikng thing, as it stands i am trying to quit too!
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      I can sympathize and empathize with you. I smoke too. I find that if I keep myself as busy as possible, that I don't smoke as much. I wish you luck in quitting and cutting down. There is a message board on here called "Stop Smoking", you may want to check it out to find others in your situation. I am not at the quitting stage yet. I will keep you in my heart and prayers.
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        Hi all,

        I was a smoker also, almost 15 years ago. I went to a hypnotist to quit and it worked great. It was actually very easy compared to the million times I had tried to quit before. Try talking to friends to see if they can recommend someone. Also important that you feel comfortable with the hypnotist

        Good luck to all who are trying to quit.