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  • Question about insurance/smoking

    Have a question about insurance. I got a script for Zyban. When I went to fill it, the pharmacist said my insurance does not cover Zyban. My father in law said that it should be covered under our insurance (we have the same) if it was prescribed by a doctor. I don't think that is correct-am I wrong? I would think it would be up to the ins. company if they paid a percentage or not.

    "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on" -Franklin D. Roosevelt

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    Hello Jen, Ask your doc to Prescribe Welbutrin it's the generic for zyban.It's used for depression/cease smoking. Most insurance companys will cover it.Mine did.The only side effects I had while taking it was a dry mouth which most of us get anyway from the i.c meds.good luck on quitting <img src="graemlins/blink.gif" border="0" alt="[blink]" /> I'm here if you need support <img src="graemlins/grouphug.gif" border="0" alt="[grouphug]" /> Take one day at a time.


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      Many insurance companies refuse payment for medications that are strictly for stopping smoking. When I quit smoking Nicorette was a prescription item and my insurance refused to pay for it.

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        Hey Jen, Zyban is most likely not covered by your insurance.. Non smoking aids, weight loss and birth control usually are not covered or at least not covered very well.

        I don't know what these guys are thinking, I guess they want us all to be overweight, pregnant and have emphisema [img]rolleyes.gif[/img]
        Gee, which one's more expensive for them in the end? [img]confused.gif[/img]

        Oh well, isn't that the way it works, though?
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          Don't get me started on the insurance companies (of which mine is one) that will cover Viagra, but who will not cover birth control pills.

          May they all roast.

          What's really disgusting is that it's all religion-driven. A baby is a much more expensive thing to cover than birth control pills. Much.

          And if the sexual health of the male is important enough that viagra needs covering, the sexual freedom and health of the female should be just as important.

          I could rant on for DAYS about it.

          And I think they should cover Zyban as well. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than the doctor's bills from emphazema or cancer, that's for damned sure.

          *looks around for a soapbox*


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            Oh, my insurance was EXCELLENT! It covered birth control, zyban, and even REHAB time!!! It's my husband's that SUCKS!

            "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on" -Franklin D. Roosevelt


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              Wow! Who the heck do you go through, it sounds like a private company!!!
              Way to go!

              How's the smoking doing??? I did cold-turkey February 01, mostly because my insurance didn't cover anything.. Still not smoking...

              Hang in There!!!
              ~ Life's a Garden, Dig it. ~ Joe Dirte'


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                I'm not doing well with quitting at ALL, Ryan. I need help! I know I would have tons more motivation and I'd feel better in general. Any thoughts, anyone?

                As for our insurance-boy, do I miss that! The only drawback was that we were part of a PPO. Most of my doctors were part of it too-I doubt my specialists are now.

                The reason we had benefits most people don't have was due to a certain individual who was in tight with the owner. Needless to say, he was into anything-drugs, alcohol, you name it. So I guess I should thank him? LOL!

                "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on" -Franklin D. Roosevelt


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                  Hey Jen:

                  I agree with LITTLEBITIC ask for Wellbutrin. I have to pay $25 for Wellbutrin SR but only $15 for the generic Wellbutrin. It is the exact same drug as Zyban. Your insurance should cover it if they think you are using it as an anti-depressant. I quite smoking 7 years ago on October 13th. I did it cold turkey and if I had to do it over I would definitely asked for the patch and Wellbutrin. Why suffer when there are methods available that help. Hang in there, you'll do it in your own time on your own terms.

                  Good Luck,

                  Lisa <img src="graemlins/hi.gif" border="0" alt="[hi]" />
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                    My husband wants to quit at New Year. This will be something like his one-millionth attempt at quitting. He's quit for up to a year before.

                    I can't take him when he's quitting. He's so horrible. It's the only time in our relationship he's ever said things that were deliberatly mean.

                    This time we're getting him zyban... or wellbutrin.

                    Wellbutrin if I can convince him that it's the same thing and insurance will cover it.

                    Hang in there Jen! I quit forever four months ago. It's a tough road to hoe but your body will thank you so much! Especially your bladder!!

                    Hang in there!! <img src="graemlins/grouphug.gif" border="0" alt="[grouphug]" />


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                      This is gonna sound crazy, but this is exactly what I did: I just said, "OK, I'm done. The last cig I smoked was the last one.".. You know, you can't just say OK, I'll smoke ONE more. NO YOU WON'T! Also, I put a pack in my purse, a pack on my desk at work, a pack in the glove box in my car and one on the kitchen counter. Every time I wanted a smoke, I'd take one out of the box and break it in half. People thought I was nuts for having them everywhere, but you don't understand how good it feels to tell the cancer sticks "NO!".

                      Does that make Zyban an antidepressant? I thought that's what wellbutrin was.. Interesting...
                      ~ Life's a Garden, Dig it. ~ Joe Dirte'


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                        Thanks for the encouraging words, guys! I'm sure my blader (and wallet) will thank me. I shudder to think about all the $$ I've spent on cigarettes!

                        "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on" -Franklin D. Roosevelt


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                          jen , hi ! just wanted to throw my 2 cents in as dr called ins co to get authorization for the wellbutrin for depression,
                          (with the hope that i would quit smoking as well!)
                          the authorization was only good for one year , just had to get pharmacy to call ins co at that time. i hope that they will work it out for you !
                          good luck ! m <img src="graemlins/jester.gif" border="0" alt="[jester]" />