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    I am 29 and having pretty much been smoking since I was 15. When I was diagnosed w/IC week before last, my dr said that most of his patients quit smiling right then and there...I was not quite ready to quit right then after getting such discouraging news, I needed my vice (just another excuse). So on Chrstmas, I guess I took a look at my life from the outside and man is it not going anywhere!!!! banghead I have decided that I am going to quit at the first of the year. Why not now ya ask??? Guess that I'm just not ready, and would like to give myself a little bit of time to get used to the idea, not to mention I have always heard that ya gain a considerable amount of weight. eek But I have noticed that I smoke the most when I am in my car driving, so if anybody has any suggestions on how to deal with that, I would really appreciacte it I am trying to not make any unrealistic goals for myself, but I am certainly going to try my best. Anyhow, thanks for listening and please keep your fingers crossed that I can do it.

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    I used to keep a cinnamon stick handy and just hold it between my fingers and occasionally stick it in my mouth. Small rootbeer candies were working at first, but the weight thing.
    Also, when possible (I live in the midwest, so winters... wink ) I drive with the window down, so I can appreciate the fresh air.
    Good luck to you. Just keep taking more steps forward than backwards (don't beat yourself up for cheating) and you'll get there.


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      I'm also trying to quit and the one thing that helps me in the car is to turn on the radio and SING!!! When your busy singing you can't smoke, right? I haven't succeeded yet but we're trying to get preg. so I have to stop soon. I have cut down alot though.

      Good luck to you Casper!!

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        My heartfelt best wishes on your goals of conceiving, and stopping our nasty habit blah
        I know that it is hard for anybody that tries to quit, but I know that it can be done. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for ya. Have a wonderful New Year's!!! hi


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          I quit 4 years this April!! I was a 30 a day habit smoker!! I had previously tried will power/patches/gum!! crying/starving Lol you name it i did it, Then over a visit to my Gp he mentioned his new wife had read a book and quit!! So off iwent to the book store ( even though i am not an avid reader!!) i got the book just 6 quid!! about 140 pages of humour and a bloody good read, and it worked it was weird almost i'd say i form of brain-washing!! i waited for the craving!! it didnt arrive i swear to you i am still waiting Lol. My husband/mother/sister have all read the book and quit!! AL:EN CARR EASY WAY TO STOP SMOKING!! give it a try.


          debzxxx ( Uk)