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I can't do it..HELP!

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  • I can't do it..HELP!

    I'm dying here...I don't think I can go on...stress at work too much! I'm eating my staff alive and blowing up at them. I think they are ready to hold me down and make me smoke....I need help to go on and then I'm not sure if that is enough help.....stress blowing out top of head..really badddddd tension headache....cathy

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    Cathy are you doing this cold turkey or are you using a patch or gum or other means to help with the quitting? I used a patch otherwise I could never have gotten thru it! If you are not using help go get some! You can do it! When you wnat to scream and yell take a walk, take deep breaths, the urge will pass. Divert yourself, do something nice for you, remember you are being good to your body. You have done so good, you can keep it up, I have faith in you!


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      I'm doing it cold turkey......I have a very stressful occupation. I'm not able just to drop it and take a walk or yell. I have been afraid to try patches or the nicorette gum....I pick up the package and read all the warnings on them and it scares me too. I hate smoking and I hate my self..not fair that years ago when started smoking did not know addictive features and health concerns.......this is not good and I am very weak right now.........cathy


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        Before you let the warnings on the "crutches" scare you --- think about what smoking is doing to you. I watched a very close friend die with lung cancer --- and I still couldn't quit without using replacement nicotine. At the time I quit, the gum was the only available alternative.

        Believe me --- it's worth it!

        I care very much what happens to my IC sisters. Hang in there --- and let me know how you are doing.

        Stay safe

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