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Quitting Jan. 1/ join me?????

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  • Quitting Jan. 1/ join me?????

    Hi,I'm a 30 year smoker...on again off agin...Never smoked during either of my pregnancies and short time after them. Also, have quit a feww times lasting months. I and a co-worker have set Jan 1 as quit date....Been psychologically working towards this for awhile......I'm hoping that who knows tha maybe wuitting will even help the IC some. I'm a nurse and see alot of older folds with chronic lung/heart/COPD etc. It is not a fun theing the struggle they make every waking moment to get a breath and related anxiety. I'll be coming here for support when I quit...I'll need it..I really want to succeed for good this time. No patches....pills...gum.etc. planned..going cold turkey......did that before.....Help ya cathy.......P.s. Anyone else want to take the challenge with me Jan.1?

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    Hey Cathy,

    good luck, if it doesn't work cold turkey, try the patches and zyban. A friend of mine quit after 20 years of smoking, I was getting pretty naseous from the smoke. I smoked for 6 mos ,ten years ago, stress from the death of my spouse, started feeling crappy from the smell, and hard to breathe I quit before I got really addicted. Best of Luck on this. Happy holidays.

    Ruthie : )


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      I have been smoking for 20 years and I know the challenge you will be facing. I just quit a few days ago by starting the zyban medication. I have tried everything and I am praying for God to give me strength to kick this habbit once and for all. Cold turkey is tough and personally I could not handle the physical withdrawls and this medication cuts that practically down to nothing. I hope we will succeed and become non smokers...God Bless


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        Hi Cathy,
        I just want to wish you the very best of luck. I am 50 years old and have smoked most of my adult life except for a three year period back in the 70's when I had my babies. After trying to quit a few times over the past two years, I have been a non smoker now since October 31. I am amazed. I am using patches. I also used self esteem building meditation tapes for the first couple of weeks, plus lots of prayer. I could not do this on my own. I know you have to WANT to quit or it will not work. My IC pain is almost completely gone these days, but I don't know if thats from not smoking or any one of the other things I'm doing - whatever the reason I'm grateful!!