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Whoops, I posted in a wrong place, but I need help!

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  • Whoops, I posted in a wrong place, but I need help!

    I've had several weeks straight of flare ups and can't get rid of this nagging dull pain, but that's other issue. I have noticed that everything I have a flare up and go through my ritual of several hot baths, heating pads, Pyridium Plus and pain killers, I develop this feeling like a yeast infection, but further inside. It's not a yeast, but it's so bothersome and I don't know how to cure it. Has anyone had this problem? Is there a solution?

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    I can NOT lay in a bath tub AT ALL!!!!!!!!! It's a sure bet that I'll end up with an infection if I do....I can't even take a bath and then stand up and shower off.

    You really need to see your gyno for a culture. I thought I had a yeast infection for a year and was treated for one for a year and finally broke down and went in and I ended up having a bacterial infection instead. I'm going thru the same thing again and will call and make an appt tomorrow for another culture.

    wishing you the VERY best~
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      The hot bath stops the pain for me. Sometimes it's the only way I can get relief. I do have some Flagel(?) for a bacteria infection, I will take that and if the problem continues, I will make an appointment. Thanks.


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        Hi Fishkiss - LOL! Funny user name! [img]wink.gif[/img]

        I too am helped considerably by hot baths. Dr. Moldwin recommends them for coping with pelvic floor pain. I have not developed yeast or urinary tract infections from doing this, but I know some other folks (like Teri) can't bath.

        You really might want to consider going to your doctor first to check this problem out. Flagyl may not be what you need to solve the problem.

        Hope you feel better soon!
        Melanie J.
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