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  • Still at it

    HI Everyone
    Still not smoking and it is hard but I am doing it. Don't know how long it has been. I don't look behind I look forward to another day not smoking. Thank Goodness it is spring cleaning time so that keeps me occupied. Is anyone else attempting this?? God Bless

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    Lady Pilot

    I do not smoke,but know it is a tough road trying to quit. My daughter-inlaw is trying hard to quit,but is having a tough time because her mom & sister smoke and she spends alot of time with them. Any words of wisdom for her?? You are doing good. How long has it been??? Hang tough.I am rooting for you.

    Loving thoughts & Huggggs



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      Congratulations! I too have forgotten how long since you quit, but you have now been away from cigarettes long enough to hve the nicotine out of your system.

      One big thing --- stay away from places where there is smoking. It took me a long, long time before I could breathe in a smoky room without having my nicotine addiction cause me to want a cigarette.

      Just remember --- you are far better off without the cigs.

      Lorie, I don't have any real suggestions for your daughter-in-law other than making her home and car "no smoking" areas and insisting on no smoking accommodations when they go out to eat.

      Warm hugs,
      Stay safe

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        I stopped smoking on: March 3,1999

        Cheated and relapse a few times, But then got
        ASTHMA on April 12,2001

        I can not Smoke at all NOW! I am lucky to be able to breathe NOW..... So now I don't
        smoke or relapse now. I can NOT!

        Sue C
        Sue C.~
        [email protected]


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          I have no idea how long it has been cause I really don't count the days. Shot in the dark six to eight weeks. With your sister in law just keep telling her how good she is doing and like Donna said make places none smoking. I have my hubby around me smoking and this makes it harder but I know I can not pick it up again. I am tired of smoke quit smoke quit just ridiculious so by every ounce of my energy I am trying to stay a non smoker!!
          Thanks Ladies for all your support..God Bless


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            Thanks for feedback, Donna & Lady pilot