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  • Trying again....

    I decided yesterday to quit smoking...AGAIN... For me ,it is the psychological addiction much more than the physical that is so killer...and why I keep going back. Being angry, excited, in pain, or anxious all make me crave cigs like a madwoman. I'm anxcious a whole lot.
    I'm currently looking for a support group in my area that I can attend regularly. I've never done a support group thing but I have a feeling it's what I need for this. Any of you done that before or do that?
    The main reasons I want to quit are 1. it is definitly irritationg whatever is going on in my stomach- which from is likely an ulcer- I am nauseated so much and throw up sometimes- it's exhausting. When I listen to my body, really listen, it tells me that this is caused by the cigs and the anxiety.
    2. I wheeze often when I breathe. Right after I have a cig, it's quite audible. Sometimes I can hear it other times too and people I'm talking to on the phone often comment about the wheeze even when I'm not smoking at the moment. I've always had weak lungs- bronchitis repeatedly as a baby and kid- emphysema is a slow and painful way to go- I want to go much faster than that some day.
    3. I will feel so much better about myself if I am a non-smoker. All this illness has wreaked havoc on my self-confidence and feeling of having any power over my life. NOt smoking would greatly improve my self-image.
    4. I am getting better physically in many ways- and so I must get rid of the cigs to enjoy the good stuff.

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    I totally understand where you are with smoking --- been there, done that! I "quit" many times before I finally made it with the help of nicorette gum.

    My problem was that not having cigarettes made me nervous, which was an excellent excuse to smoke. It seemed I could always find something that would upset me (like my hair not going the way I wanted it) --- it didn't have to be anything serious, but there was always some reason why I just "had to" have a cigarette.

    When I finally made it, there was a total sense of freedom. I can now look at a cigarette and wonder how I ever allowed that tiny object to wake me up coughing every morning, would more than likely have caused lung cancer or emphysema at some point in my life, and also made me feel nauseated, many times to the point of vomiting.

    You WILL make it. You are a strong person --- and when you are feeling anxious instead of having a cigarette, do something or go somewhere that it's impossible to smoke. If you go out to eat, find a restaurant that doesn't allow smoking.

    If I can help, don't hesitate to ask.


    Stay safe

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      Glad you are trying again....try...try.......try.....I have faith in you.....yes I agree the psychological part is the tuff part.....I hope you find a support group..check with local
      hospitals about this...Good luck, cathy
      If you slip.....just accept it as a slip and go right back to trying again!!!


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        Julie~sounds like you have some pretty darn good reasons and a solid plan worked out. I envy your courage and pray that my day soon comes.
        Best of luck my friend teri
        Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".