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    How you other gals doing that just recently quit smoking..hanging in there I hope. Cathy

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    Hi Cathy
    I hope you are hanging in I will fess up I did not. Long story short I been battling IC for four months. Last week I had my first awesome day in soooooo(Oct.) long. That night at two AM I woke up in excurating IC pain. I lost it and started smoking. I will take charge again. Please hang in I know it is tough and I will pray for you. God Bless


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      I regret to say that I did the same thing as Lady Pilot. I don't really consider that I've started smoking again tho, I just have to try some more.
      It turned out I'm allergic to the patch, and the site I had the first patch on almost a month ago now, stilllll itches. I'm wondering which is better tho... smoking or itching?! I'm so disgusted by cigarettes I sure wish it were easier to opt for the itching!!
      Darnit and the patch helped soooo much. I Will Not Give Up.

      sorry guys.


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        Hi everyone......if you quit but relapsed and smoking again dont hang your head in shame..I understand....I'm fighting that same battle of I wanna go back to smoking again. However, so far holding out..and you gals have helped with your words of encouragement..really liked the one message I got telling me if I starrted smoking again my mouth would smell like ass, I'm still snickering about that one. I see alot of smelly asses daily in my work, and I really dont, want to go there. haha.Donna and many others have been a God send in support,thank you, thank you. Dont give up totally gals,set another target date to try quitting again. I have heard that it often takes several attempts and then you get the job done. May the "force" be with you, cathy