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One word: Zyban

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  • One word: Zyban

    Or Wellbutrin.

    My husband has been a smoker since he was 13 years old. I quit cold turkey in August when I was in the middle of this current horrible flare, but I was never addicted so completely the way he was.

    He tried to quit New Year of 2002, and I nearly killed him. He's the sweetest guy in the world and when he tried to quit smoking was the only time that he has ever been outright mean to me. Vicious. I was practically shoving cigarettes in his mouth because I couldn't deal with it.

    This time around we agreed that he needed help. Zyban isn't covered on our insurance (Because lord knows that lung cancer is oh-so-much-cheaper than the patch or a pill, pardon me while I snort derisively *SNORT*) so he went to my psychiatrist and was prescribed Wellbutrin which is the same drug as Zyban.

    WHAM. No smoking. Within two weeks he was down to two a day, as in two cigarettes a day. From two packs a day. And that's if he remembered to smoke them. On January 1st he put down the smokes and hasn't had one since. Not one.

    He has one or two moments of craving, but that's it, and they have been moments instead of days.

    Most importantly from my point of view that mean and nasty guy never came out. He's stayed himself. The ciggs just stopped having control over him.

    We've also seen about 15 musician friends of ours use the drug to quit successfully. Including folks who rolled their own and chain smoked.

    Quitting is great, and I cold-turkied it and it's definately possible, but if you're having a tough time, go for the Wellbutrin. It worked for us!

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    Thanks KayBee! I'm doing ok cold turkey but hubby (who is the one who has to stop smoking) is still at it, down to about 1/2 pack from 2 packs. I'll suggest Welbutrin or Zyban to him.
    Thanks again, Kathi angel
    One Day At A Time


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      I tried Wellbutrim, and the Patch and the gum.. and it didn't work. What dosage did you use? Shame on me for doing this right? It's my only, but worse habit. About how many people w/IC smoke still, I wonder? Good for your husband and for you, we should all have this luck.!! sanctuary
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        Sanctuary, I'm not sure what dosage my husband is on. I'm so sorry that it didn't work for you.

        I really think that smoking is like heroin. It's such a hard habit to break. Once you're addicted, you'll never ever be unaddicted. I have to remember that when I go to parties sometimes because I'm sometimes tempted, even now.

        I'm sorry the Wellbutrin didn't work for you.

        I've been smoke-free for eight months now, my husband for three. My friend with IC still smokes.

        I'd be interested to see how many IC sufferes smoke or have smoked in the past.

        Hang in there.



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          2 weeks & still smoke free YAY!!!!!!!!!I'm hanging in there baby I had a few bad days, but they seem to be behind me now. Every now & then I get the urge, but won't give in to it. lmao Kathi
          One Day At A Time


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            Kathi --- I'm proud of you --- and you can be proud of yourself! Just remember --- when that urge hits, ask yourself if you want to do the last two weeks all over again. You're past the worst of it now.


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