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  • smoking and IC

    Can anyone tell me if quitting smoking has improved their IC symptoms. I know the last time I had a major 6 month flare, I stopped smoking and it didn't make me feel any better. I was just wondering. Thanks. Karla

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    Hi Karla, A big unconditional yes. Quitting smoking definitely helped my symptoms but not until at least 6 months or more later. I was a real nicotine addict and think it may have taken longer to see an improvement in IC symptoms because I had to use Nicorette gum to quit...and even then I craved cigarettes and sometimes smoked one on the QT (sneaky I was). After about a year of absolutely no nicotine, I tried a Nicorette (still really wanted that nicotine fix) and immediately had a bad flare of IC. That finally convinced me. I craved tobacco the most when I was having a flare and always told myself


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      Yo Karla, My message got cut off due to something going wrong with the boards. I am trying to remember what came next....oh well. I always told myself that cigarettes were a comfort and calmed me when I had a painful flare and felt like a pity party. Not so! I was just telling myself what I wanted to believe. After a year of not smoking I became much less nervous, had fewer severe flares, and could handle them a little better. This was a gradual change, it doesn't happen all at once. If it did it would be easier to kick the tobacco addiction. But I know now that quitting was the best thing I ever did for myself and for my family. It was the hardest self discipline I ever undertook, partly because the craving lasted so long and benefits from being a ex smoker took so long too, and partly because I was so strongly addicted to old Nic O Teen. I really hope you will keep trying to quit because if you do,you will eventually succeed and benefit from it.Meantime I will be pulling for you. It is more than a habit in a lot of cases, I've read it is harder to quit smoking than to quit using heroin! Any time I can help with words of encouragement or whatever, feel free to call on me. Pentimento


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        Hi, Pentimento
        I, too , find that I smoke more and more every day the longer this flare goes on. I have tried to quit before, always without success. It is a very strong habit to break. I haven't tried the gum, but have tried the patches before and my addiction even overpowered the patches. I'm glad you managed to overcome the habit. It would be the best thing if I could do so. It's really like I don't want to give it up as it seems to bring me comfort, but I know that is false comfort. I'm going to really have to make up my mind to do it and stick to it. It is so much easier said than done. Thank you for your support. I know I once stopped smoking for a week, and my IC didn't get better so I thought that it didn't have any effect on my IC. I didn't realize it took months. Thanks for the info. Karla


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          When I quit smoking it was because so many people I knew were developing lung cancer, which was more scary to me than anything. I did use the gum as a crutch and without it I probably could not have done it. Even with the gum it was not easy.

          I don't know where you live, but in Oregon cigarettes are very expensive --- like somewhere around $27-$30 a carton. When I quit they were only something like $4 --- I saved my cigarette money for "fun" things for the first year, which made the quitting even more rewarding.

          One thing I do know is that smoking definitely effects the bladder --- I read an article that stated that bladder cancer occurs much more frequently in smokers.

          So......if you decide to quit.....go for it. You won't ever be sorry. I quit more than 15 years ago and once I got through the initial part, I have never missed it.

          Sending encouraging hugs,
          Stay safe

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            Karla, I have been a "non-smoker" for about 3 months now. I was up to a pack and a half a day. I really enjoyed smoking and felt like it calmed my nerves. I had tried several times to quit and was unsuccesful! I had tried the gum before and also wellbutrin and what it all boils down to is truly wanting to quit! This time I did not use anything but my mind was made up. Everyone hated my attitude for a couple of weeks but it got easier. I physically shook for about 2 days. I have gained some weight but I needed to lose weight anyway. I think it smells bad now. (Hubby smokes outside) I can tell immediately when he has snuck one in the bathroom!
            I missed it while I was driving the most. I think the hardset thing to get over is the habit.
            I wish you luck! You can do it. Also, a nurse at my uro just quit using the inhaler. That is new. Maybe you could ask about that. Hugs, Nina


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              Karla, I forgot to mention that I have not noticed a bladder difference yet, but I just got over a major infection too! Hugs, Nina