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we can do this!!!!!

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  • we can do this!!!!!

    Come on girls we have to kick this nasty habbit!!!!!!!! I am trying holding the breath when I want a butt and that is working funny I thought but it does work. We have be stronger than the nicotine we have to yell at it and make it go away. This morning I have the fight in me but trust me as the day goes on I turn into one nasty b**ch. I just know I have to do this IC and CF is enough to battle I don't want lung cancer on top of it. Lets just keep trying girls and maybe one of us will succeed!!!!!!! God Bless

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    When I quit, I put a part of a pack on top of my refrigerator. I left it there for a whole year without taking one.

    You'll make it. That stupid, foul smelling, little tube isn't as strong as you are!

    Encouraging hugs,
    Stay safe

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      Dear Lady Pilot;
      YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! I quit 22 and a half years ago after smoking for ten years. I had tried to quit several times by cutting back and that just didn't work for me. I had to go cold turkey. (There were no patches back then) I just stoppped one day and never had another cigarette, ever. I was about to get married to my wonderful husband of 22 years and I knew he wanted me to quit. I did it for him, for us, our future, and for the three beautiful children that we didn't even have yet,who are, by the way, now 21, 19 and 15, all non-smokers, thank God. It wasn't easy, but it did help me lot to exercise and drink copious amounts of water to flush my system of the nicotine. It worked. It wasn't easy, but after a week or so I never even desired cigarettes again. And believe you me, I had been hooked, on two packs a day. So if I could do it, so can you. You go girl!!! If you need any support I am here for you. Just email me. [email protected]
      Love, Mary Ann