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I want to quit sooooooo baddddddd!!

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  • I want to quit sooooooo baddddddd!!

    O.K., I need some help here. I am trying so hard to quit smoking. I went all day long yesterday without a cigarette, and then I had my permanent interstim put in today. I am in pain, so ofcourse to relieve some stress, I smoked. GGGGRRRRRRR. I am so mad at myself. I have only smoked 4 today, but still, I broke.
    I know that the 1st 24 hours are the worst, and I got past that, and then I did it. And the horrible part is that they dont even taste good, but I still do it. Anyone have any tips on how to quit. Any easier ways???? I need help so bad. My husband is on his 6th day cold turkey, and I am so proud of him. He acts like it is so easy. Why is it so hard for me. I want to quit so bad. I hate the stupid things. Help me please. You guys be my will power, cause evidentely I dont have any
    Hope everyone is having good poddy days!!!!!!!


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    try a drinking straw- use it like a cig.
    panting like a dog
    carrots , celery, candy

    brushing your teeth
    Emailing friends--- [email protected]
    Your time will come!

    I know it seems like it will never get here.
    IT WILL!!!
    Sue C.~
    [email protected]


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      My doctor just wrote me a prescription for the nicotrol inhalers and I have heard 1st hand that they work! I have yet to fill the scrip but I will let you know! Good luck, hugs, Nina


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        Okay --- just keep telling yourself that you can do it! I used nicorette gum when I quit and that's been a lot of years ago. I was horribly addicted (a two-pack-a-day puffer).

        One big thing you need to remember is that you are going to want to smoke when anything upsets you. That's the way addiction works. You'll find yourself getting upset over little things and you're going to want to smoke. That's the way addiction works.

        When I quit I set a goal of four days without even one puff. Even with the nicorette it wasn't easy, but once I got past that four days, I really knew I was there.

        Oh, yes. Be sure to stay away from where others are smoking for a while --- even the exhaled smoke from others will feed your addiction.

        Sending encouraging hugs,
        Stay safe

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          Keep in mind that most of addiction is psychological and habits can play into it. I took a quit smoking class about 12 years ago that had some great tips and hints (I didn't quit smoking for good until 3 years ago, though).

          Whenever possible, alter your habits that involve smoking. If you usually sit in a certain spot after dinner and have a cigarette, sit somewhere else or go for a walk.

          Find activities to keep your hands busy, like a craft or even just doing the dishes. For a short time, all of the dishes in my house, whether they had been used in years or not, were sparkling clean.

          One trick I've used often, even recently, is in stressful situations. If I REALLY want a cigarette because of something stressful, I'll ask myself what the cigarette will solve, will the situation be better solely because I had the cigarette. Then I'll go for a short, fast walk, taking some deep breathes along the way. There have been days when that walk was just back and forth across the house, but it served the purpose.

          And what I think is the biggest factor in being successful in attempts to quit smoking - are you doing it for you or for your husband? If you aren't truly committed to quitting, and are just doing it because someone else wants you to, you're less likely to follow through long-term. You have to really want to quit for yourself, and then you'll make it. And the rewards are many: more money for you, better health, not having to stand outside in cold and rain to smoke, easier housework (no more built-up cigarette gunk on the TV screen or windows).


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            Thankyou ladies for all the wonderful idea's. I am doing better today. I was using the patch, but I think it made it worse. I dont think it is the nicotine that I want that bad, it is the hand mouth thing. So, I am not going to use the patch. It also upset my stomach a little, and I already feel bad enough trying to heal from the surgery yesterday. I have had 2 hits off a cigarette 2ce today, and both times it made me sick. I am not smoking in the house at all. That is why I am quiting, because I dont want it around my kids anymore. I dont want them to be sick because of me. I think I am doing good though. When I get the urge and want one, I go outside and take a couple of hits, and it makes me feel sick, so I dont want anymore, maybe that is just going to be my way.
            I am trying to keep busy. I have cleaned out the kids dressers and put the summer cloths up. I have did some laundry. I cant do much though because I cant bend over right now, it hurts. I will just keep emailing and typing all day, that will keep my hands
            Thanks again girls, you are always so much help. I will let ya know how it goes, but I know I am going to quit. Cause I want to , and I hate smoking. It is gross, thats what I keep thinking.
            Hope everyone is having good poddy days!!!!!!!



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              Just a quick note to let you know that there are these new lollipops that supposedly help, not only with the nicotine cravings (which doesn't seem to be your big problem) but, more importantly with the whole hand to mouth thing (it being a lollipop and all).

              Call your pharmacist and ask about them.


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                Hey girls, I am still doing good. ( I think anyway) Only 2 yesterday, and 1 today so far. I have been eating a lot of ice, but it keeps my mouth busy so I dont want to smoke. Just keeping you posted. Hoping tomorrow I wont want to smoke at all!!!!!
                Hope everyone is having good poddy days!!!!!!!



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                  I can totally understand what you are going through. I smoke and I cant stop!!!! When Im having a bad day I need my smokes so bad.Its seems to be what is getting me through. But I no I have to quiet. But my husband smoke also, I cant quiet if he is smoking. I havent talked to him about this part of IC yet.. Have been trying to take it one step at a time.. But Im smoking more as the pain gets worse. ITs great that so many of you have stopped..


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                    I feel for you. Soon, I will be joining you. I've chosen Nov. 10 for my quit date. I'm halfway looking forward to it. I'm pretty hardcore too. I had lung surgery in February and after four days in the hospital I couldn't stand it anymore. I wheeled my lung machine outside and stood in the snow and rain to smoke. Got some strange looks!
                    Good luck to you.


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                      Hello Eveyone: I am a newbie to the posting board. When I read all the postings about Smoking I could not help adding to the sharing. I started smoking again after not smoking for 18 years. I was going through a divorce and at the time smoking just seem to help with the stress. And then there was the IC. Daily pain! I thought I would lose my mind. I smoked for about 3 years after my divorce, but it was the IC pain that made it hard to quit. One thing I would like to add to all the good sharing is, Don't get down on your seld if you smoke when you have bad day's. You are all wonderful people who have a challeng in your life. But it dose not deminish your self worth at all that you have a challeng. I will pray for all of you that want to quit. That is what helped me, Prayer. I learnd that God loved me even when I was smoking. I also have learnd that those who keep trying to quit will make it! So keep up the good work and love your selves. I send you all a big hug!!! Your friend in the battle, Michael. [email protected]


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                        hang in there.

                        i'm trying to quit also.

                        you're doing better than i am

                        i'm proud of you ! ! ! :p
                        sending you
                        big mental huggs


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                          hi again,

                          i've been in such a bad flare
                          w/ic and i've not been doing
                          well w/the cigarette smoking :o
                          -i finally broke down and went to
                          a warehouse store and got the cigarette tubes, and little stuffing machine i buy
                          the tobacco elsewhere--to get (non chemically
                          treated-no pesticide tobacco and stuff
                          my own cigarettes, that way whenever i want
                          one at least i have to stop and stuff it.
                          -its helping me cut back-hopefully eventually
                          i'll be able to quit.

                          wishing you better days

                          big huggs to you
                          sending you
                          big mental huggs


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                            I have given up. I am right back to pain all the time. This interstim is not helping my pain at all, and I am too stressed out to quit. I wanted to so bad, and I was doing good, but then I broke. I am going to try again after this pain calms down, but right now I am dealing with too much. Hope you are doing well. Good luck to all!!!!!!
                            Hope everyone is having good poddy days!!!!!!!



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                              Don't be too hard on yourself! I'm also a smoker who would like to quit. I even talked to my Dr about it last month. She, herself is not a smoker, but she understands the nature of the beast. She told me to wait until I have my other health problems under control or I would probably be unsuccessful in quitting. So I'm taking her advice & working on the other things first. Hopefully soon I will be able to kick the habit!
                              Till then I try not to beat myself up about it & you shouldn't either!!
                              Take Care!
                              God Bless!