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Need munchie control help

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  • Need munchie control help

    Well, the munchies are starting to kick in.....Help! I don't want to gain a bunch of weight.

    Donna, if you are reading this where did I go wrong in trying to make a little jumping man in my last post doing well.......

    Many thanks to all of you for you encouragement these past few have no idea how much it really, cathy

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    Hi Cathy:
    On the question of the jumping man, you put a 1, should be number 2 ok..
    Cathy, start eating some vegetable , like carrots sticks and celery, or grapes are good to!!!
    Keep up the good work, You are doing so good Cathy...
    Hugs: Debbie

    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      Try chewing gum, mints, lifesavers....

      hang in can do it!

      Ruthie : )


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        Hard candy! Or work in some plain gum, like Chiclets in between the Nicorette. And don't worry too much about a little weight gain. Most people do gain some when they quit smoking. I certainly did --- and my doctor told me I would be better off even 50 or 60 pounds heavier than I was with the cigarettes.

        Most of all, don't give up! And don't sweat gaining a few pounds. When you feel comfortable without smoking, you can attack the blubber --- believe me, it's easier than giving up smoking.

        Huge hugs,
        Stay safe

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          As well as finding low-calorie substitutes for munchies, it might help to find something to do with your hands to keep food out of them. When I quit smoking I started doing more crafts to keep my hands busy.

          Also, the munchies should subside after awhile. When I quit smoking three years ago I started eating things like lots of Tootsie Rolls instead. I did gain some weight, but both the munchies and the weight tapered off after time. And I agree with Donna that it's better to have a few extra pounds than to still be smoking.

          Congratulations on getting this far!


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            Hi Cathy
            Hang in there your doing good. I am doing the sugar free hard candy and gum this seems to help alot. I also noitcied I am hungry more as nicotine suprresses your appetite. I started eating more healthy with a light breakfast and lunch plus a full dinner. Also a snack in between like toast helped me. I am at almost seven weeks of not smoking and have gained six pounds which I needed anyways... hang in there it does get easier. God Bless


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              Doin' great!!

              Wow, last night, I totally related! I just couldn't get enough food... kept eating and eating and looking for more. I realized it's just trying to replace that activity you did over and over every day. I found that .... heehee ..... gummy worms are great. You can play with it while you eat it. Sounds funny I know. I've tried suckers, but I think they need some grown up flavor suckers. The cherry and strawberry and watermelon just don't really appeal to me now. oooooo, maybe the creme soda flavor ones!
              Also, sunflower seeds in the shells. Sitting breaking the shells to eat the seeds is a good keepin' the hands busy thing too.

              Awesome job Cathy! So proud of us!


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                Rice cakes (natural), marshmellows, Make your own Rice Krispies treats. Vegetables, pears and bluberries.


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         gals all had great ideas......I feel like I have lots of options...I "DIG" (LOL) the gummy worms idea.....used to buy them for the boys when they were little. Bet those sun flower seed pickings will keep me busy too..everyone had good ideas and I'm gonna try them all...except probably not the crafts...have a puppy that is in his terrible two stage and he would be to much help.........HA HA

                  Thanks and Many (((HUGS))) to you all

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                    Keep hand lotion handy....when you feel the munchies coming on, rub some into your hands, give yourself a mini massage concentrating on the center of your palms. Not too many people will eat "finger" food with fresh hand lotion on, and the massage just may take away the urge....

                    It works!!! Hugs, Julie
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