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Confession, It was more fright than guts....

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  • Confession, It was more fright than guts....

    Teri, truth is, I came back from vacation with a sore throat that went into my chest and settled there. I'm on my second round of antibotics, I'm on 2 different asthma drugs, Streiods I have to enhale and I quit smoking. First week I was still smoking, second week not smoking and I'm still no better. I've had problem in the past with asthma and it always got better. This time I don't know what's going on.
    That's why it was so much easier for me to quit.
    Between this and IC, I'm pretty beat down right now and hope something gives soon. Those steriods make me a nervous wreck and shakey all over.
    Iv'e been pretty positive witrh IC til this was added to I'm very discouraged with both.
    There is one thing for sure....I WILL NEVER SMOKE AGAIN. MY MIND IS MADE UP! and I know for a fact that that's what it takes to quit. Nothing or nobody can make you stop if you don't want to.

    Hangin In There


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    Hi Debbie

    Call it guts or fear or whatever you's still your willpower that will get you through this and we're all with you!

    BTW, I agree that you simply have to father also smoked and suffered from asthma. He quit after an emergency room doctor looked at him and asked him, "Do you want to live? Because if you don't give up smoking I am certain that one day the ambulance will not get you here in time..."

    And my father never picked up a cigarette again! Stick with it...I know you can do it...Susan


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      Thankyou so much for you supportive words. I am happy for you father too. We just have to get it through our thick heads!!!!I DON'T SMOKE!!!!

      love and support