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How you doing Terri?

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  • How you doing Terri?

    Hi Terri,
    Hope you are still holding out and one day closer to getting those cigarettes all out of your system..My prayers and words of encouragement are with you 7/24.......hang in there with me.....cathy

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    Still smoke free!
    This is the 6th day.

    Have a good day today Cathy!


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      That's great --- both of you. I just know you will make it. And you'll never, ever be sorry.

      Stay safe

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        Great to hear this ladies!!!! Hang in there! Hugs, and tons of encouragement! Julie B
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          Hey hang in there you can do it....if the patches and gum don't work try the combo of zyban and patches, or zyban and gum.

          Keep in mind what you can do with that money that you spend on cigarettes, and cleaning your home and clothes from the stink!!!!and saving your bladder from cancer...: )

          Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

          Ruthie : )