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!@##!!! I broke this morning!!!!!!!

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  • !@##!!! I broke this morning!!!!!!!

    I cant believe it today would have been 1 week and I broke and had one!!! I woke up this morning after having a bad nites sleep, up all nite potty trips, and I smoked 1. I feel like a criminal. I am going to tell my hubby today when I see him.But I dont want to get to upset,cuz than I will completly break. I know I am too hard on myself at times when I fail,and I worry to much,than I say the hell with it and I will throw in the towel!! So I will tell my hubby and pretend this morning didnt happen.Trying to hang tough. Good Luck Deb JOJO

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    You do not have to feel like a criminal!!!!! I swear that that is one reason it has taken me so long to quit...I'm so hard headed and such a rebel that it made me want to continue cause of all the looks and Better than you faces I'd get when I lit up! I mean they banquished us outside in the cold and into small sections of restarants that are quickly disapearing, banned us from public buildings, etc. Made us feel like scum of the earth. Well I don't know about you....but It's not like I started smoking knowing that It would be so additive and kill me. I thought it was cool...everybody did it. I never dreamed in a million years It would be this hard! to quit!!
    Everytime I tried before I didn't want anyone to know cause I didn't want people asking me all the time and if I didn't quit to hear all about it!!
    That's why I'm sucessful this time!!! I don't care what other people think!!!! I'm doing it for me!!! The only people I'm mad at are the tobacco companies that made it look so cool and good to begin with!!!
    OK....I'll get off my soapbox for now , Can you tell I'm low on nicotine? LOL anyway.....don't beat yourself up and if you start back, you start back!! I think that's one of the reasons I'm doing so good this time cause if I want to I can and nobody can stop me!!! All I have to do Is go to the store and get some!!
    Hope you succeed for you!! but if you don't I for one, will not think any lesser of you!!! Hang in There if you can!!!

    Love and support



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      Hey Jojo

      Wanted to share a statistic with you...I read somewhere that for people trying to break an addiction (I think it was drugs) it is common to relapse (or "break" as you put it) up to something like NINETEEN TIMES before it finally "sticks" and they are able to kick the habit. I also read that nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs around. So don't be too hard on yourself...I guess relapsing is pretty common and maybe you should look at it as another baby step towards your success...We are all rooting for you! Take care Susan


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        When I quit (3 1/2 years ago!) I "slipped" a few times. It's perfectly normal and no reason to completely give up. Allow yourself to be human, move past this "break" and continue the good progress you've had up to this point.

        You CAN do this!


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          Thanks ladies for all your support!!!
          Hugs to all of you! JOJO