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still not smoking!!!

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  • still not smoking!!!

    But I really want's been 5 or 6 Weeks now, but who's counting anymore. It's weird but I've been having more trouble this week than when I first quit. But my stress level is also up, so I guess it goes hand in hand. I still love the smell!! It's so crazy!
    love and support

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    Hey --- that's great!

    One more little hint: Stay away from anywhere that anyone is smoking. There's enough garbage in the second hand smoke to feed your addiction.

    It was very tough for me at first, but once I made it I found that cigarette smoke actually smells totally horrible.

    Sending encouraging hugs,
    Stay safe

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      Thanks Ladies!! And JOJO someday you will quit, just like me but you can't quit til you r ready. When you are ready you will be able to do it!! And tell everybody to leave you alone about it. Smoking is a very private issue when it comes to stopping it and the more people that say something to you the worse it gets. One of the things that gets me the most is flying. You know quite well that you can't smoke and have to get through the way for me is to try not think about it and concentate on something else....well that is very hard to do when every seat has a lit cig with a no across it and they announce it and you have to stare at it when you pee even!!!!! If they would just shut up and not put up so many NO NO NO signs people might do better.
      I'm so hardheaded that when I see NO SMOKING it makes me want to just to be defiant.
      Anyway thanks for the support and Donna I've come close to getting that "little Ciggie" a couple of times but in the end I have been able to resist. Yall keep thinking about me and I'll pull from your thoughts!!
      Love and support


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        Way to go Debbie!!I am soooooooooooooooo proud of you You can and are doing it and will feel so much better for it! When I quit--first I counted the days, then the weeks, then the months and before long I thought about how long it had been and it had been years!! Hang tough. No one said it was easy, esp during stressful times but you know what??? :eek: :eek: Smoking was my crutch during stress but I have been through the most stressful times in my life since I have quit!!! IC being one of them. That little smoking d**** has said come on shel you can handle IC better if you just have one and even as long as it has been tried to tempt me!!! I won't ever give in though!!