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Yeaaa for you all! This book will help!!........

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  • Yeaaa for you all! This book will help!!........

    It's soooo good to see you all here wanting to make this so hard decision!

    I hear alot of quilty feelings about smoking, and that's one of the things you've got to stop doing to yourself first. That will be one of the things to keep you smoking. They put a substance in your cigarettes that is addictive as heroin and cocaine. No need to feel bad about yourself. They knew what they were doing. Also, making the decision to quit without a "plan" may be too difficult and then if you don't quit you feel like a failure.....

    I got this book, and am learning soooo much about this. It gets down to reasons and times you smoke, and I'm sure HOPING it will be what helps me quit this time. It's from the American Lung Association, based on the award-winning Freedom From Smoking Program, and it's called "7 Steps to a Smoke-Free Life" by Edwin B. Fisher Jr., Ph.D. It says on the back of it that it's $12.95.
    I really recommend getting it. I'm going to try the patch this time too. (Nicorette helped me, but I didn't quit.)

    Good Luck everyone!
    Love you all!

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    Terri, the good thing is that sometimes it can take several tries before being able to entirely quit smoking, but most people who take steps to try eventually succeed. One of the things I did was to try to stay away from anywhere others were smoking --- I'm thoroughly convinced that second-hand smoke contains enough nicotine to support the addiction.

    I'm sending my best wishes for your success in this important undertaking.

    Stay safe

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