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Nicorette gum or patch use/???????

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  • Nicorette gum or patch use/???????

    Please share your expierence with nicorette gum or patches....really how much help? long to use?.......any bad side effects in their use?...thanks cathy......(still trying but don't know how long......)

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    I used the patches for about 5 weeks- they say to use them longer, but I had run out and wasnt feeling like I needed them, so I decided to try it without and I did fine. Of I really needed them in the beginning and dont think I could have quit with out them. I had tried the gum another time to quit and it didnt work for me. Everyone is different, so try what you want and if one method doesnt work try another.


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      I quit smoking 16 years ago in Feb. The last cigarette I had was driving to the drug store to pick up my Nicorette gum. I really put it to the test. I went to a Happy Hour 2 days later. And drove with a chain smoking friend for three hours after 5 days. The gum was enough to stop the cravings. Previous to that, I could not quit for more than 6-8 hours and felt like a heroin addict. The gum was the best thing for me. I chewed it for 6 weeks and then got tonsilitis and the gum tasted too weird with a sore throat so I switched to mint gum. I carried the gum around with me for a year but never needed it. I dreamt about smoking for several months. After the first three months, you hardly ever think about it. I am so glad that I quit. I think the key is to NEVER smoke once you start on the gum. I also knitted to keep my hands busy. Hope you can make it, it a wonderful feeling to be smoke free.



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        WAYYYYYYY to GO CATHY!!!!!!!!

        I tried to quit with the gum a couple of times, but it didn't work for me. I still had those "crazy person" feelings, and the gum didn't satisfy it enough.

        I am SO happy to say that on Monday, I quit with the patches. I've had them sitting around for months but was afraid - because I was afraid of those desperate wanting a cigarette moments. But with the patch, I haven't had but a few short bad moments. I'm on my third day now, and it's a little tough, I keep thinking I want to go smoke, but it's just out of habit I think. With the patch I don't feel crazy about it, and am able to do without cigarettes!!!!!! I'm so thrilled!! And so angry at cigarette companies for adding this highly addictive substance. I've wanted to quit for a long time. I feel good this time.

        Oh also, my Grandmother never thought about quitting smoking after 40 years, I heard her say the damage has been done, what good would it do to stop... and after her first episode of being in the hospital not being able to breathe, she quit using the patch too. It wonderfully surprised me. I'll have to call her and tell her the good news of inspiring me too.

        Well, good luck!! Sounds like we can be in this together. How long have you been without a cigarette?

        Love ya! Keep at it!


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          Great News Terri.........this can be done.....patches/gum, what ever takes the edge off......we are gonna get all the "BLACK" out of our lungs and breathe fresh air like we have not for so long...Hang in ther with me gal...we are, cathy


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            Hi ladies
            Way to go with the not smoking I know how hard it is. I quit 6 weeks ago with zyban. Nothing else did it for me. I was allergic to the patch and hated the taste of the gum. It came to a point I had to stop and zyban was the only way for me. God Bless


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              Cathy and Terri --- CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

              I'm so glad you have both quit.

              Stay safe

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                Hey ladypilot.....way to go.....congratulations on quitting smoking....may success remain yours.....CAthy


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                  I was a smoker for 12 years (almost 100,000 cigarettes I approximated!). If I can do it anyone can! I quit smoking about 7 months ago, because I was afraid of the damage I was doing. With my IC, IBS, etc...

                  I used the nicotine patch. I was really amazed at how I didn't need to smoke because the nicotine was going through my bloodstream through my arm. It really helped wean me off smoking - I used it for about 7 weeks. YOU REALLY HAVE TO SET YOUR MIND ON IT AND WANT TO QUIT, THIS WAY NO ONE CAN BLAME YOU FOR CAUSING YOUR OWN ILLNESSES!
                  (IC, IBS, Sore Throats from Acid Reflux, etc...)

                  The Patch caused some side effects like wild realistic dreams every night, so I stopped wearing it at night - and weaned myself off the patch. I also took Sam-E a natural anti-depressant which seemed to elevate my mood. I ate a lot of candy and junk food to keep busy I didn't go out to any bars for a few weeks.

                  I wish you the best of luck! I know you can do it. I am a slave no more!

                  P.S. The pharmacist told me that nicotine gum is very addicting!


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                    still chompping nicorette...nine months quit

                    So basically I'm still adicted to nicotine, just not smoking, stinking and coughing constantly...My GP'll get off them when your ready. She (the best dr. I've ever had in my 59 yrs!) put me on wellbutrin--150 mg for two weeks then 300 mg for one week. After first week 150 mg cigs started tasting bad...then they became yummy again.. at the end of four days 300 mg they tasted bad again....and I knew it was time to bite the bullet. About two and a half days after I stopped smoking I got real cranky and was rough with a little dog I was grooming (lots of patience required with little nervous ones) I caught my self and we had a treat break until I was back in control again and that's when I picked up some nicotine gum...I've smoked for 46 years and I stopped coughing in ten days and I feel much better--wish I'd quit a whole lot sooner. My lungs (and my Bladder! ) are trashed..

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                      I only smoked for a couple of years, so I realize I was probably never addicted or anything. I quit cold turkey. Just decided I was going to stop, so I did it. The pain from IC was a real motivating factor for me. Oh sure, I've had the craving here or there, especially if I'm having a cocktail. I can get away with drinking one of those once in awhile. But...the pain just isn't worth it. Neither is lung cancer.