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The ol' college try...

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  • Julie B
    Hey Wen!!!! You can do it, Donna is right, sometimes it takes multiple efforts, but it can be done! Take it a day at a time...Lots of love, Julie

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  • yvette
    Hey Wen! I smoked for about 13-14 years. I quit cold turkey. Well there were some other things involved too. Had lots of crushing chest pain at the time. I'm not much of the church going type but did ask God If I promised to quit would he make the chest pain go away. I smoked the last of Marlboro Reds and didn't buy another pack. Chest pain never came back either.

    What I also did was NOT tell anyone I quit. Not at first anyways, just incase I did slip up, I wouldn't really have to feel the guilt. I was always one of those people who said " I can quit whenever I want" But after over a decade of smoking I wasn't so sure it was that easy.

    And I kept both hands busy (you can't smoke if you need 2 hands for something) Sure you could dangle it off one side of your mouth but I don't thinkI could carry off the "marlboro man" look--Plus it really hurts when you get somke in your eyes.

    It's been over a year. Just thought I 'd share my expereince.
    Lots of Luck!
    PS: I never did get withdrawls when I quit or cough up any of that black nasty s**t, even though I smoked about a pack and a half every day.

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  • ICNDonna
    You CAN do it, Wen! I used to smoke at least two packs a day --- I couldn't quit without a crutch though --- but when nicorette gum first came out I decided to try again and I made it. Another thing that helped immensely was that on the day I stopped the cigarettes, husband Terry put away his pipe forever.

    Some people who are quitting just make an agreement that there will be no smoking in the house or car --- our neighbor did that when she wanted to quit and he didn't. She says it made it much easier for her.

    Another thing you might think about is to keep track of how much money you are saving --- and use that money to buy something special for yourself --- or go someplace you love for a weekend.

    Sending encouraging hugs,

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  • Wendy Hunter-Killip
    started a topic The ol' college try...

    The ol' college try...

    Hi all, glad to see this site on smoking. I've only been smoking for a few years, but I really want to quit. It's tough though, since my hubby smokes too. However, I managed to quit for a whole month once, so I think I can do it. My dad's birthday is coming up on July 8th and I'm going to pick that as the date I give it another go around. You see, my dad used to smoke when I was really little, but he quit when they raised the prices! Any encouragement will help me in my "quest". Thanks!

    -Wen. :-)

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