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any info on second hand smoke and IC flares

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  • any info on second hand smoke and IC flares

    I am not a smoker. Most of my family members are. When I visit them I usually go into a flare. Could second hand smoke in a small room for a couple of hours cause a flare or bladder irretation?

    [img]confused.gif[/img] Shanna

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    I don't smoke, but I do believe that second hand smoke causes me problems. It makes sense that if we get more toxins from second hand smoke than smokers do, and if smoking causes IC problems then second hand smoke causes problems.
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      I quit smoking something like 18 years ago and I have since developed an extreme sensitivity to cigarette smoke.

      I know it's tough when you can't keep away from places where there's smoking. Is there any way you can spend time with these people in places where there isn't any smoking?

      I don't allow smoking in my house or car and people do seem to understand.

      Stay safe

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        I have long suspected a correlation between IC flares and second-hand smoke. My husband smokes outside, but if his clothes get too smokey; I can't handle them. That gives him the untold joy of taking his clothes to the cleaners. Tee-Hee. [img]tongue.gif[/img]


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          Second hand smoke kills 200,000 ppl yearly

          IC patients tend to be alergic all of a one day i could eat onions and a eyar after ic BAM they HURT put me into a flare...same with soap..

          Let's just say Im very astute if someone has been in my house or if my sheets were washed with a different brand of soap.. or even if SOMETHIGN touched me wrong cuz I break out in these red bumps on my face like I touched SOMETHIGN nad touched my face and break out intozit like bumps (but not zits just rash bumps)

          I think it would be VERY possible that smoke could be hindering you... I also think that trying to keep ourselves away from ****s makes us more liable to become alergic... like pets.. if your around them you get over your alergies.. live without them you get your alergies back. I can't stand smoke now... not the smell or itbeing icky just feels like the smell could actually suffocate me


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            I did not smoke younger in life and had my Ic probably a long time diagnosed. I did stop for 6 months after 8 years of smoking. Seemed to do well with bladder for about 6 months. Started to smoke again, after my pain doctor started in on my weight issue. I gained alot of weight while on older antidepressents an during a breakdown. Now It is a struggle of wills to work on weight, deal with bladder, quit smoking, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc. Does anyone struggle so much with motivation? I feel so drained at times. Bladder is worse again and I am frustrated.

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              My husband is a smoker and it doesn't bother my bladder at all. It's interesting to see, yet again, how we can all vary in what triggers our IC.

              Hang in there, everyone!
              Melanie J.
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