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Your right you cant just have "One"

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  • Your right you cant just have "One"

    I have come to realize I cant even have one, because 1 has turned into 2 in the last 8 days. Now tomorrow I will have to start from day ONE again. I know I can do this, I mean hey I went 6 days without 1 cigarette and then I smoke that damn 1. I have do this!!! So here I go again!!!!-JOJO

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    Good Luck!! You can do it!! If I did ANYBODY can! I haven't had one in.......12 days, I had to count...that was awsome!
    Keep trying and remember I do that Nicotrol Inhaler. I swear by it. I've had some moments where I thought I CAN'T DO THIS!!!
    But I reach for my little nicotrol Cig and it cuts the edge and habit, pretty soon I'm ok. Now I don't even have the shakes they ended about day 7 or 8. I guess I'm used to the lower dose now. I dred having to cut these back :eek: But the doc says no pressure. It's ok up to 6 mo or so If I need them, I'm already cutting back sometmes and doing it at different times of the day, etc.
    Hang in There!!!!

    Love and support!!!
    Debbie "O Brave Big Talker With Her Cheater Nico Inhaler" LOL


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      JOJO, you can do it! I quit smoking years ago with the help of Nicorette gum --- I couldn't have done it without that crutch.

      It's important to stay out of areas where people are smoking for a while --- just inhaling others' smoke can keep that addiction going.

      and Debbie --- Congratulations! You are there! Just don't hurry too fast in getting off the inhaler. Wait until you feel comfortable without the cigarettes.

      Warm hugs to both of you,
      Stay safe

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        I am doing this without anything,so maybe that is why its a bit harder, I don't know. Well anyway that is how I quit the last time cold turkey. I will get it right.Hey Deb you are doing GREAT, 12 days YAHOO!!!!!