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  • chantix

    My husband and I are getting ready to quit smoking..... Has anyone with IC used chantix? My dr. says this is the best thing on the market as it blocks the inhibitor in the brain. Im all for it, but as we all know certain medications can cause flairs. Please if anyone has tried this , let me know if you had any problems with it.
    Tracey Babbitt DX 2005

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    Chantix did not bother my bladder. Smoking sure as heck did. Good luck. Keep hard candy around to keep your mouth busy. Get back to us as many people want to quit and they want to know if this works. Hugs, Ziggy


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      I quit many years ago when nicorette gum was first available --- it worked very well for me.

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        I tried Chantix a couple of years ago. The only 2 issues I had with it were 1) it totally messed up my digestive/IBS system (ultimately, the reason I had to stop) and 2) I had some REALLY whacked out dreams!!!
        I took it for about a month and it really, really helped with the smoking. But, like I said, I couldn't handle the stomach problems. So I switched to nicorette gum, and did really well with that. But Chantix gave me a great start! Good luck!!!
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          I, too, used Chantix. It had absolutely no effect on my bladder. I did have problems with my digestive system as I have both IBS and Ulcerative Colitis. I just couldn't tolerate Chantix at full strength so I used half-strength. It helped me tremendously. I also used an electronic cigarette with zero nicotine fluid in it to help me with the physical habit. I tried many times before to quit, but this combo worked for me. I've been a non-smoker for over 2 years now.

          Good luck! You CAN do this!

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            Let us know how you progress with this med. I for one never smoked in my life (and no one understands why as I was raised around a family (including my husband at one time) and co-workers! It really didn't bother me so that was not the reason why.
            My husband quit about 5 years ago when he went to the doctor and they told him he was "a walking time bomb) had everything wrong with him under the sun. He went to a cardio doctor who after doing a stress test (no drinking caffine or smoking for 24 hours)--don't know who was not going to survive at that time) anyway, after the test was finished, the nurse told him to go have his coffee and cig.; you should of saw his face! and he mentiioned this to the nurse and she said simply "that most patients go back to their habits" well, he decided to quit cold turkey, and since then hasn't had the urge to have one.
            I remember though he mentioned to me in passing one day when gas prices were high, that if he smoked he said it would of been a toss up to either get cig. or gas for the cars!


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              Thank you very much for all the info. I go on Monday for a well woman check and plan on asking for the script then. My husband has his script and is just waiting for me to get mine. I am looking forward to quitting. Just not looking forward to the well woman exam cause I know this will be painful. I will let u know how the smoking part goes.
              Tracey Babbitt DX 2005