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Wife with severe IC needs Chemotherapy

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  • Wife with severe IC needs Chemotherapy

    My wife has severe IC and we just found out that her breast cancer has spread to her liver. Her oncologist wants her to start on anti estrogen therapy with Letrozole but the worst thing that ever happened for her IC was her hysterectomy/oophorectomy. That surgery made her IC much worse. (from 5 worst days a month to every day is a worst day). I am very worried about the effect of the anti estrogen therapy but it is needed to prolong her life. She currently has a pain MD that gives her enough pain medicine for about half the month and then she is on her own for the rest of the month.
    Anybody have any experience with anti estrogen therapy for breast cancer?

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    :welcome: I'm glad you found this site --- hopefully someone with this experience will respond.

    I have had chemotherapy, but not Letrozole. There are two good things I can share --- first of all, I'm at ten years since my cancer diagnosis --- second, the chemotherapy did not effect my bladder.

    I also see a pain management specialist for pain related to nerve damage from cancer surgery. I have a pain pump implanted in my abdomen, which helps a great deal.

    I have a hard time telling anyone if I'm in pain --- I have a tendency to say I'm doing okay, even if I'm not. Do you go to her pain specialist appointments with her --- if not, I suggest you do so you can help explain her need for more pain control. In our current lives with the pandemic there are many medical offices where only the patient is allowed unless there are extenuating circumstances. If this is happening, I suggest you telephone the office and make arrangements to accompany her.


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