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  • ICNDonna
    Please talk with a counselor --- if your husband won't go, I urge you to go alone. I'm so very sorry you are in such a difficult situation.

    Sending gentle hugs,

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  • Linda May
    I am so sorry you are going through all of this, and no support from your husband.

    If you feel your-self getting to up-tight try a hot bath and relaxing music.

    If your husband continues to be unsupportive, maybe you should go to your parents house.

    He married you because he loved you for better or worse in sickness and health.

    The way I look at it if he can't man up now and be supportive, you need to re-think things.

    I guess I just do not want to see you hurting, I know how that feels.

    What kind of treatment plan doe's your Uro have you on? and for how long?

    Are you sticking with the Ic diet? I know that stress can make you flare easier said than done in trying not to be stressed, I am guilty to that.

    Look let us know how things are going for you I hope and pray you get relief soon.

    Remember we all know what you are going through and we care here please take care and don't hesitate to contact this forum about anything.

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  • izazen
    One little tip you might try to help you calm down and, maybe settle things down in your household, is to monitor your breathing closely.
    Be sure you are breathing through your nose and be very aware of how you breathe. After you get into a habit of doing this it will come as second nature to you.
    Wait til you feel you need to breathe, then take a normal sized breath and be sure your stomach expands with that breath. Not your chest but your stomach. Then normally release that breath and watch your stomach go down.
    Then wait til you need to take another breath and do the same thing all over again.
    Note! When you begin taking that first breath - count "one." On the exhale count "two."
    Etc. I'm pretty sure before you get to "100" you will feel yourself relaxing. You can keep doing it for more relaxation or stop. Then when you find yourself getting tense again - repeat.
    Its great for helping you go to sleep or go BACK to sleep.
    I hope it works for you as well as it has for me.

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  • Mothergoose
    Alls I can say is sorry you are going through this.
    Hug's MG

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  • Tinkerbell23
    started a topic husband not helpful

    husband not helpful

    hi, sorry havent posted in awhile. my ic has been ok, knock on wood. but after we got married i developed a seizure disorder which we dont know why. i lost my job, not because of that. and all my husband does is get mad at me for having this seizure issue and no job. we have only been married a year and its so hard. i look for a job every day. we have no insurance. my neurologist said i am only getting worse because i am so upset all the time. to the point where i seizure in my sleep. my husband does not care. i could end up not waking up and he doesnt seem to take this seriously. i dont know what to do. i offered to stay with my parents for awhile, but he said no. my dr doesnt even want me working right now, but i have no choice...i need to work.

    any advice?