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So not looking forward to today

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  • So not looking forward to today

    Every year we go into a glf tournament a texas scramble, so it takes all day, it is a family thing in memory of my SIL father.

    Don't get me wrong it is a tone of fun.

    We always get company for the weekend and sometimes longer, they bring their camper so they really are not a problem, but you know extra people you push your self more.

    This year I said I didn't want to golf, being on my feet all day, they never have food I can eat, the golfing bothers my back hence it ends up bothering my bladder. I end up flaring, I have to drive my FIL on a 400 mile round trip on Wenesday, and my son to on a 120 mile round trip on Thursday, although he will drive. I need to be feeling okay this up comeing week.

    I was still going to go and walk around, but I could leave anytime I wanted too.

    Now my daughter can't go she has to work, so at last minute I felt I had to say yes, so now I am golfing today, I will take my cart so I can ride on it, I will take my own food, but it still makes for a very long day, we will leave home at 9:15 and return around 8-9 pm.

    Before leaving we (my husband will help) have to make breakfast, food to take, cooler of drinks, water really, they sell it but I don't like waiting for them to come around and sell it too me. We have load and unload the golf carts.

    It still will be fun but just a big day for me, if I had known I would have gotten everything ready yesterday.

    Too boot it poured rain all night and is still raining so the weather is not looking good either.

    I am going to take my own car and get them to use my shots first so it I get played out I can stop and just ride on the cart or go home before dinner and rest up and go to the dinner. This is a condition I made if I was going to play in it.

    I don't mean to sound neg but my bladder has been right on the edge lately and the last time I pushed myself I ended up in the ER in total retention, and this was just from helping load the truck to go to the dump. i did tell my husband my bladder was not going to like lifting all those bags and throwing them into the back of the truck. Usally our kids do this job, but they are grown and working more at least fulltime jobs or more so they really don't have time to do this. I really wish we had garbage pick up, we don't we have to take all our recyclables and garbage to the dump our selfs and alll the recyclables have to be sorted.

    Anyway Ijusted needed to put that out there, thanks for listening MG
    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.

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    :grouphug: I wish I could help.

    Stay safe

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      not looking forward to today

      I hope the day goes better than you expect it to.
      I think you're a really good sport to participate.


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        Hi, MG....sure hope you have a great day and any discomfort is truly at a minimum. You sound like a real trooper to do so much driving, etc.

        Have fun....let us know how the day went.
        Never heard of IC til suspected....Never knew so many suffer from it. Praying for a cure. I've found can you...keep the hope.

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          I survied the day, in the first hour we had torental down pour, thunder and lightening, we had to make a mad dash to the club house, it was not nice I was ready to pack it in for the day, but nobody else wanted too.

          We waited out the rain and went back out, the rest of the day it was put your jacket and rain pants on/off then strip down to shorts and a tank, sunny, warm, cloudy, raining but not hard.

          It was a long day but a lot of fun.

          I golf terriable, I used to golf everyday and was okay at it, some times more than once a day, till IC reared it's ugly head and got to the point I could no longer do that, I slowly backed off from golfing, 18 holes is just too much for my bladder and the bathroom breaks are always too far apart for me.

          Now I golf a few times a year. Golf is a sport you need to keep at or you loose it.
          I ussally golf better than I did, it was not my day for sure.

          The good thing was I started off with a really sore bladder and Right kidney, I took some AZO drank quite a bit of water and things settled down some, so my bladder was not too bad. I am sure I am going to pay for it today.

          Oh well I just found out we now have company for a week at least, so I will rest today and do my best for the rest of the week.

          Thanks for the reply's, it did turn out better than I thought.

          My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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            not looking forward

            I'm glad to hear you made it through and had a good time!

            I hope your company is the kind you can be relaxed around.

            Have a good week.